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  • Kitchen remodel-need tips on how to function without my kitchen

  • Kitchen remodel-need tips on how to function without my kitchen

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    30 some years ago we remodeled our kitchen in a 1913 house. We had to do dishes in the laundry sink in the basement directly under the 'project' - dust would settle on the dishes dirty or clean... The refrigerator was in the dining room which was up stairs and round about through the living room. We had the door to the kitchen from the dining room sealed off in plastic to keep the mess down - had to go outside and around the house to go anywhere. We had to leave the stove in the kitchen - covered it up and uncovered as needed on occasion. We ate in the basement near the sink. Used a crock pot and microwave. My DD crawled in the new cabinets to hide. We used used cabinets and I found ceramic tile for 10 cents a foot - cost was very minimal to redo that kitchen. Gold stove and fridge! LOL Some day you will look back and smile.
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    My next door neighbor just finished having her kitchen redone - She put everything in the laundry area in the basement. She also bought a small refrigerator to take the place of the large one that was being replaced. She used her microwave, her little cooking oven, did the dishes in the stationery tub, had a table down there to put stuff on and it worked out quite well. She is all situated with brand new oak floor, gorgeous stove, antique sink and new cupboards for the sink, kept the old cupboards but had them redone. Beautiful now. And she kept up with everything as far as shopping, cooking, eating, and cleaning. Good luck to you. I, too, would love a new oak kitchen floor. But, I'll never see it. Edie
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    I have been without my kitchen for 15 months---due to damage from Sandy. Long story but, repair process is slow. When all my cabinets had to be removed, I set up folding tables I bought from Costco as my counter tops to I had work space and a place for a coffee maker and toaster and that is in my den. Underneath the tables are containers with cleaning products and small applicances like my mixer, waffle iron etc. I bought clear plastic containers--maybe 18 inches square with tops and about 3 inches high from AC Moore to put my silverware in and utensils--so I can see what is inside and they stack. Paper plates, plastic cups are a must to reduce dishes that need to be washed. I almost doubled my use of paper towels--I wipe out pots/pans with any greasy stuff or tomato sauces that might stain so I don't send that down, until recently, the bathroom sink or now the utility sink my husband set up that I am using to wash dishes. I use Al+ to line all baking pans for easier clean up. I bought a crock pot--great in the winter for soups, chili etc. I bought a table top toaster oven. I put my fridge in my den. I bought inexpensive shelving units from Home Depot and set up my pantry in the dining room so I can find things and have place to store things while the repairs are underway. Any thing I don't regularly use I packed in clear containers and they are either in the garage or on the covered back porch. I packed everything I don't use regularly...good dishes, summer stuff etc.. Now....with all that said, I made some mistakes. Because this has taken so long, I can't find my knife sharper, my rolling pins, my pastry cloths so try to think of what you might need based on holidays coming up because I had to rebuy those things just before Thanksgiving. You will be surprised how this "camping" will help your kids (if you have them) appreciate their house when it is put back together. I was without my washer and dryer for 4 months and after making them come with me to the laundromat when I had to go, they now help with laundry at home with no fuss. No complaints about helping with dishes either.
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    Electric Fry pan works good too... I even used an electric fondue pot to cook with (I was Single then) before my stove was delivered ( couple weeks) but since you will be outside- use the grill, my aunt used to make cassaroles in metal pans on her gas grill and didn't have any problems.. Fast food is ok but very Salty...
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    Originally Posted by Scrappy Gram
    We are planning a kitchen remodel this summer and I am trying to plan how to function while I have no kitchen. It will be completely gutted to the studs, new larger window, foam insulation in 2 outside walls, new floor, cabinets, etc.

    Suppose to be short term project, but we all know how that goes...

    Anyone gone through this? Did you set up a temporary kitchen somewhere?

    We have restaurant gift cards from Christmas, but they won't last a long time.

    My husband jokingly said we should rent a camper and park it next to the house...don't think the budget would handle that.

    Thanks for any tips,
    Hi Frb just went thru this last summer, used electric skillet, crock pot, outside grill and ate out a lot. If you have a laundry sink wash the dishes in that, wash all of them then rinse them then dry. It was a long time without my kitchen. We also ate a lot of cold food..
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    Mighty and Tartan did a good job of telling my tale. The only other cooking item that was indispensable was one of those countertop ovens.

    If it gets too much, remember why you are remodeling the kitchen and envision how wonderful it is going to be - made for you. All those years later and I like walking into it in the morning.

    Best wishes,

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    We moved the fridge into the living room. Used the grill, electric skillet and crock pot a lot. They left us a working sink until they just HAD to unhook it, but it wasn't out of commission very long. We did eat out more than normal, but not excessively as I recall.
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    Old 02-03-2014, 07:23 AM
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    Make ahead breakfast sandwiches are good for more than just breakfast.
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    grill, crockpot, 2 or 3 burner free standing camp stove, electric skillet , set up under a pop up or covered patio. Set up tables in a U shape, haveing one table for washing dishes, one for prep, one for cooking. Beware of using a plastic table for your electric and gas cookers, it may melt. Keep the fridge and freezer in the garage or on covered patio though, to protect from rain. The biggest thing is to be organized and the whole ordeal can be a piece of cake and even a little fun.
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    You might find a bread maker machine handy, too.
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