Knitting? Suggestions?

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Default Knitting? Suggestions?

Some months ago I got a big discount on classes from The Great Courses. One of the classes I bought was Knitting 101. It is 30+ classes taught by multiple instructors. I have zero knitting or crochet experience. I was wondering if anyone here knows of an online community similar to this one that is welcoming to knitting newbies.
Thanks in advance!
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I'd be interested too, I'm relearning how to knit figuring if I start now I can do some pretty spiffy things when my eyes give up on quilting.

I was able to teach myself knitting through books and red heart yarn pamphlets many years ago good enough to do basic baby hats and simple sweaters/designs, but I've just never been able to get into the hang of crochet but I'd love to learn to do basic granny blocks.

I did a search on "knitting while blind" and they recommend the basic low end acrylic yarn for beginners as it is fairly easy and more importantly consistent. So I went to the thrift store and have brought home several skeins/partial skeins. Right now all I'm doing is knitting. Or maybe purling. I don't remember but I know there is a difference and I think it involves holding needles up or down, or bringing the thread from the front or the back... Anyway, I'm doing the same stitch over and over and eventually I'll have a dog blanket. I'm just impressed as heck that I've done this without my contacts in but sometimes maybe it's good to not see very well....

I bought a little DVD kit with yarn and everything you need to "start knitting now!" or something like that but so far haven't watched it.

In my area you can start going to the Senior Center pretty young (52ish I think?? -- you can go younger, you just got to pay admission), they have a Monday hand craft time period. It's been suspended during this time of virus but I've been thinking of heading down there when it resumes, just to hang out and get some good tips and tricks.
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Knitting Paradise® - Knitting and Crochet Forum uses the same format as this one
Nancy in western NY
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I have been knitting for over 60 years, and learned a lot in the past few years from Knitting Paradise. They have a digest like this one, and posters add links to tutorials and patterns. I may even pick up crocheting!
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As far as I have determined - knitting has the yarn " in back of " the work and one pulls a loop from back to front

Purling has the yarn "in front of" the work and the loop is pushed from front to back.
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I belong to It's a free message board community for knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners. It has a few sewing/quilting board on there, but not many. There are some fun knitting tutorials on youtube that are filmed by Staci Perry of Very Pink Knits. She is a really good teacher and she films from all angles so you can see what she is doing very clearly.

Have fun.
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There are literally tons of how to videos online, as well as classes. Craftsy, now Bluprint hosts many for-pay classes. You can really find the same information online for free....

I love to knit and crochet. Have been doing it decades before I ever got into quilting. For the "pandemic" I got some of those color-change cakes of yarn and downloaded Betty McKnit's Star Afghan patterns, and have been crocheting up a storm... usually in the evenings after I'm tired of sewing.
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I also love to knit, especially in the evening. I don't belong to any groups though. This one is my "one and only".
SBG- you knit like my Mom's cousin and my husband's grandmother. Absolutely gorgeous work. My Mom's
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Just a warning to maybe prevent some confusion. There are a couple different knitting "languages" American and continental.

My ex took up knitting again. and all the patterns weren't working. Her mother had taught her continental knitting.

My GF loves to knit socks and decided to make me argyle sock to go with my 1870s garb. 4 years later she has ripped it out many times. Don't try it for a first project.
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