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Here is the situation. Please tell me if you have ever heard of this.

Her babies turned 6 weeks on Monday. I think she may in heat again because she walks around the house meowing all the time.

But........she very often carries a toy mouse in her mouth while she is doing this. I have never seen a cat do this before. She showed little interest in the kitty toys before she gave birth. Does anyone know what it means? Is she trying to show the kids what to do with a mouse?
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She could very possibly be in heat again!

Has she weaned the kittens yet? (And yes I once had a cat who got pregnant before the kittens were weaned!) But she may be trying to teach them how to hunt. Does she take the toy to them?

Does the toy have cat nip in it?? Sometimes that will drive a cat insane and they just act crazy for a bit and then go sleep it off. Kind of like giving kitty a good stiff alcoholic drink....

Will she let you pet her when she has the mouse? Maybe she just wants to play for a bit.

Good luck on figuring it out! Call your vet and they can give you some other signs of your kitty being in heat again :wink:

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Hi Joyce. I am pretty sure she is. The boys (my sister's male cats) hang around my yard all the time. The kittens are almost weaned. They have been eating real food for about two weeks. Smoky is going to have her kitty hysterectomy soon.

She does not mind at all when I touch her while she has the toy in her mouth. Don't know if it has cat nip though. She sometimes takes it to the babies. The kids don't really know what to make of it though. Will ask the Vet when we get there.

Thanks, Anne
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Sure does sound like she could be with kitties again! Some cats take to being mommy and if there are full males around and they all roam, it is most likely that is tha case. All of my cats are fixed and are inside cats. :lol:
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I think she is pretending it is her prey. Cats like to show off their prey, and give it to owners (ewwww!) as a gift on the step. Unless you don't notice it and they sneak in with it, then they'll put it by your feet... And she might be giving it to her kittens to show them what Mommy has for them.

Glad to hear that you are having her fixed, though. It is a lot easier to have them around when they are not yowling or fighting.
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Sounds like she is in heat. I had a kitty that would go in heat as soon as her babies started eating regular food.
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