New dishwasher

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What a bummer. Our Granddaughter bought me a robotic vacuum and fed-ex put it in front of a door I seldom use. Set out there two days before I discovered it. Glad our neighbors are not thieves.
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WE purchased that exact dishwasher - having a bit of a learning curve with it, as my previous one was 10 years old and very simple... I'm not sure I'm going to like this one- having a problem with water building up on the front where the touch controls are - it eventually disappears after cycle is complete but I'm not happy about the accumulation. Also, there is condensation on the underside of our quartz countertops. To be fair though, I need to check with the dealer to ensure it's installed properly, as I've read the above problems can occur if it's not leveled properly. We had the plumber install it during the kitchen remodel... that's on the list for next week to resolve LOL.
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...My dishwasher is about 20 years old, as it the stove, as is the microwave.....I replace the frig last year, and now the washer and dryer. It is a never ending cycle! Hope everything last a few more years and appliance's are plentiful when they do.
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Chase, we have that third shelf too. It's awesome!! I think you will love it. I use it for things like paring knives, large knives, spatulas etc. In all my years of owning a dishwasher this one is the best. It cleans EVERYTHING.
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We bought a new dishwasher the beginning of the Summer. It was defective and it had the 3rd rack I loved the layout but never once used it because of the defect. The replacement did not have the 3rd rack but it works perfect and not a sound. I am just glad it works perfectly.
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Our dishwasher was in our house when we moved in 22 years ago. I suspect it's about 35 years old or so. I am terrified of replacing it because so many of my friends have purchased dishwashers that would drive me absolutely nuts, such as 4-hour cycles. My SIL has one that is super quiet and has no lights or signals that it's running. If you accidentally open the door before it's done, you have to start it from the beginning and run the cycle all over again. Good grief!
The reason the newer dishwashers take so long to run a cycle is the energy efficiency. I asked the tech how they could be more energy efficient if the newer machines ran twice as long as the older ones, and he said they pulse on and off, instead of being on all the time. Still doesn't make sense to me, but whatever. My son told me as long as he could keep fixing my old dishwasher, he would.
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