New Scam call spoofing

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Default New Scam call spoofing

You can look this up under google. What they did at our house today is they call a number from the same area code as yours and if that person does not answer then they call you with that person's number hoping you will answer. It was a friend of mine's # they used. No on was there when I answered but I called that person's # thinking they called me. Well she never called me but just a minute before that she had a scam call. Maybe you know about this and maybe you don't but watch out for this new way to get you to answer the call. What next!
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They've been using fake numbers for a long time. I've even had them call from my own number!
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I've had good luck with saying anything but "hello." Evidently the robocalls are keying on that word. My current way to answer unknown numbers is "You'd better be someone I want to talk to!" Its wonderful. No scam message yapping about my car's expiring warranty, no free vacations from some resort I've never been to, no calls from "VisaMastercard services." Just silence and a soft "click" as they hang up,
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Yes, spoofing has been around and used frequently on older folks who seem vulnerable . Spoofing is notoriously used to trick folks to think the call is from Social Security, you bank/credit union or credit card company. They will request information that those companies/agencies already have. They just want our into so they can get at it. I have never had a call the imitated a friend but suspect I have had some from money focused companies. Criminals used to go after us, now they are going after our financial information.
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Also check your Apple ID. I had someone in another state using mine! When my phone asked if I wanted to sign out on other devices (other than my phone) I clicked Yes!
Also changed password.

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My approach is to answer the call but ........say absolutely nothing! Complete silence.
. I stay on the line until the caller hangs up. With no verbal response, the caller or computer thinks it is a "dead line". Therefore, no more call backs

I read about this in the AARP magazine as a way to cut down the number of annoying calls.

It may take a little time to realize that your phone is not ringing as often, but for me, it has worked.

Try it..... May work for you too.
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Thanks for the information and suggestions !
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Originally Posted by dunster View Post
They've been using fake numbers for a long time. I've even had them call from my own number!
We have had this happen several times. I still don't answer because they call the land line and caller I.D. shows my Husband's name and the #. Joke is on them.
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and never say Yes when you answer the phone either. they used to record people and say they ordered this or that.
no one i know who calls me lives near me, so i'm good on that. my Sister calls me about midnight and leaves a voicemail. i'm not up then!!
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I had a call from Austria. Don't know any one there and I did NOT answer it

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