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I missed the very beginning of the show - and the one where Ziva was "killed" - never was able to make any sense of the parts I watched.
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I've always been a big fan of NCIS with Ziva and Abbey. I'll continue to watch even though Abbey is no longer on the show as I'm getting use to the new lab genius. Lets hope Ziva finally finds happiness and reunites with her daughter this time around.
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Originally Posted by oh munner View Post
Wasn't crazy about it.....seemed a bit disjointed. Too much crazy mystery and evasiveness. Love that Ziva is back though, hope she takes the place of the blond with the black eyebrows.....never cared enough to learn her name.... She has got to be one of the worst "actresses" on t.v.
Originally Posted by willferg View Post
I just watched the premiere and did not find it satisfying at all. I've always liked Ziva's character, but not so much this time around. In fact, I didn't find anyone likable in this episode. It feels like the show is floundering.
Agree with these opinions. I don't like Ziva character this time around. Maybe the character will grow on me if she stays around. Also felt the show was disjointed. I thought there was too much unimportant dialogue. It needed to get to the point....keep to a tighter storyline.
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It was good to see Ziva, but I can't watch it without Abby. Too many of the originals are gone and hasn't been very good since.
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i lost interest in the show years ago.
could not stand the Tony character.
Was never a fan of the Ziva character and associated story lines, either.

there's obvious fiction and then there's just too totally absurd to watch unless it's supposed to be a comedy.
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We watched it, but I had a hard time following with the vagueness masquerading as mystery. The writing depends too heavily on darkness. The fake blood on Gibbs looked like strawberry jam on steroids. Can't stand the new lab tech--what a dork. Tim has matured but lost his humor and lightheartedness that's needed to contrast the seriousness. Bishop is okay. Tony's character is useless and his acting is very high-schoolish, but they need a buff dude to occasionally take his shirt off for ratings, I suppose. DeNosa (sp?) was a mixed-bag for me; sometimes compelling and relatable, other times cartoonish and sterotyped. I'm glad he left. We think he's terrific as Bull, and love that show's concept.

Don't shoot me, but I've never thought Mark Harmon to be all that great in this role. Easy on the eyes, yes, but I find him one-dimensional and rather static. Ziva, Abby, and Doug made NCIS hold my interest, but with all the leaving/returning/guest appearances and less than stellar writing, I'm not sure I'd tune in again except to keep hubby company while I bind a quilt.

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Agree with Tartan, once Abbie left the show lost all interest for me. The other actors came and left but she kept the show interesting.
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The show has definitely jumped the shark, but I’m still watching and I love Ziva. They have too many characters and need to purge a few of these newbies— Bishop can go first.
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Originally Posted by AngelaS View Post
The show has definitely jumped the shark, but I’m still watching and I love Ziva. They have too many characters and need to purge a few of these newbies— Bishop can go first.
I totally agree, I think Bishop is the worst. Her acting is just that, acting....her character was never believable. Miss Abby, but I thought her character was a bit childish for someone who was supposed to be highly intelligent. I like everyone else, but I hope they don't drag this "mystery" killer on too long. This story line could get very boring very quickly.
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Never thought I'd say this, but I like the new girl, (I didn't at first...she grew on me), I think she's funny with a funny quirky. I luv that Ziva is back, but she seems lost, not the double-toten gun slinger like in one episode with I think it was Tim, and as for Gibbs....well I really like the whole Gibbs thing!!!! Even Bishop is growing on me!

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