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Default New version purchase

Do you replace things with the new version? Do you feel guilty? Are you glad you did it?
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I don't update unless I must. I am still using EQ5. All my embroidery software is the same as what I purchased.
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I plan on buying V8 embroidery software soon simply because my laptop is dying and I know that I have to update or my new laptop will not be able to work with my old software
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I do not buy the new version of a sewing/embroidery machine. Usually wait for three new versions before it has some feature I can't live without. Usually each new version of embroidery software has a new feature I can't live without.
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Our philosophy is generally to use something until it wears out, especially with big ticket items like cars. Unless something absolutely won’t do it’s intended job as is, we don’t update/upgrade.
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interesting question! On big ticket items I usually delay until it's a must. But over the years, I've been willing to "splurge" when it's something that basically makes life much easier--like better lighting, etc.
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Yes, I do and without guilt. I don’t understand why someone would feel guilty. It just doesn’t belong in my sewing room or my sewing world.

I bought a new scan/cut model last summer. The dealer had a great price and rebate too. I sold the older version to another quilter. It was win-win for us. No guilt at all.

The new magnetic hoop and upgrade is on order for my machine. No guilt either.
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I don't ungrade every program but only those I think I'll get some use out of such as the EQ series. Once I upgraded to EQ8 I decided to take classes online to better understand how to use the program to its max. I'm so glad I did. My Quicken program on the other hand is still 2011 as it does what I need so I don't upgrade. Some with my Microsoft Office program. I don't use all the fancy things you can do with it but what I do use of it is enough. If the program has an update feature, not an upgrade feature I will update it when it comes up though such as ZOOM since we use that so much these days. Of course when Windows updates I don't think you really have any choice so I just let the PC do its thing, some for my laptops.
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I bought a new serger -- great price -- even though the one I had, probably 25 years old, was a workhorse, but difficult to thread. I did feel guilty because it still worked. Then I used the new one and felt as though I could fly. What a difference! I gave the old one to a friend who was thrilled to get it, so it was also win-win.

With technical things, I hang on to them. My computer crashed two weeks ago, hard drive was unfixable. I had been thinking about getting a laptop to replace the desktop, and aside from the crisis of having to get a new computer, of course the new one is so much better. And that's what I usually find -- the new one is so much better than the old, I shouldn't have waited.
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I am of the "dragged kicking and screaming" sort - and then usually happy with the newer thing.

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