Origami face mask

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Default Origami face mask

I decided to try a tutorial from YouTube. It is - How to make a Origami face mask and it was by Deborah Fort. Wish I could supply a link and post a picture but it turned out really well. It goes over the nose and along the face for a good fit. I did the medium size. If you are still doing masks, give it a try.
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There are lots of video tutorials for this on youtube:
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Thank you, Tartan, always good to know how mask will fit, will give it a try
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Nice face mask. I made one that was similar called a 3-D mask but I like these instructions on this one better. Here's a link to the YouTube:
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Nice to know how to make one. I realized that any store will have a disposable mask available to use if I don't have one and want to shop there. I use their masks.
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This is the style I prefer, they fit so much better and I have added a nose piece inside to stop the foggy glasses, I find the flat ties used for coffee bags to be the best for comfort and fit and I use only Batiks. I keep several in each of my vehicles and inside my purse. I wash and hang to dry so they maintain their shape, I am not a fan of the disposable ones at all.
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well, I feel inept! Have tried making this type of face mask and have to admit that they just never turn out smoothly. So I stick with the 3 pleat surgical mask style. I did "invest" in the metal nose pieces and some nice stretchy ear pieces. Well worth the $24 bucks I spent.
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Great links...I definitely need ro make a few mor for DH and I, the few we have are constantly in the laundry.
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I tried it but only one of my son's friends liked it. For myself, I don't like the nosepieces because they make my glasses sit wrong. I ended up altering a pattern to put a fold at the top, so that I can slip it underneath my glasses a bit. Much more comfortable and no problems with fogging. It has 3 pleats on the sides plus bottom pleats and has a lining and filter pocket. I've only made one so far and it's hard to talk with it on so I'm going to add about 1/2" to the folded edge and see if that works better.
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Default Oragami Face mask

This look nice. Just wish she'd added a filter to it. See any easy way to add a filter?
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