Orthodic Inserts

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With my insurance is 400 dollars.
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I have the custom made orthotics. I bought a pair of Spira shoes at the Good Feet store in 2010. I just recently replaced that pair so they lasted almost three years. I bought this pair online at Amazon.
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try SAS shoes. they have some styles that are good for using all day and have good inside soles. I have trouble with plantar fasciitis and need good support, they work very well. they are spendy, but when you consider the trouble you have with other shoes, it is worth the extra cost to not have your feet hurt......
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I paid for the custom inserts from a podiatrist and the worked very well for me for somewhere between 3 and 5 years. I have plantar fasciatis and need arch support. Then I had an ankle injury and went to an orthopedic surgeon who said he didn't like the inserts at all because they're rigid and don't allow the foot to move naturally. (Even though the worked very well for me I'll admit my foot was somewhat tired and maybe just a little sore at the end of the day. But definitely no pain.) He watched me walk and recommended a flexible insert that I can buy online for about $30. I bought two pair last summer, wear them every day, and feel like they've now "broken down" and need replacement. I think everyone is so different, though, that everyone needs a different remedy. It's expensive and frustrating, but so important to take care of.
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I have plantar faciitis. I tried inserts, doctor-prescribed orthotics, and Z-Coil shoes. The Z-Coils were the only thing that worked for me. I was able to walk and work all day long with them. The last time I bought a pair they were $180 and well worth it.
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In my opinion, if you are already standing up to get the moulds or compressions done, then your arches would have fallen into a less than ideal place. I had mine done whilst lying down and have been very happy with them. I could not walk in previously fitted ones done by a different Podiatrist who used the method you describe. Can't help with the shoe knowledge - perhaps a sports doctor or your Podiatrist could help?
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Try looking for some Naots on ebay - I buy all my shoes from there. You just need to look carefully at the photos for condition, and check shipping charges. A model you like and correct size may take some time to find, but they will be far less expensive than new, and a good way to see if you really do like them. I have had a couple of pair of Naots, and they are nice, though not usually stylish looking. Very good quality, and comfortable.
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The best thing you can do for sore feet is to wear New Balance www927 they are good for your feet and especially if you are in them for long periods, I had foot surgery and they are the only shoe I can wear , They are expensive but worth every penny, For me at least!
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I agree that New Balance Tennis shoes are great! I have terrible feet, flat and arthritis. These are the only shoes I can wear.
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I am answering with very practical information. I have a very hard to fit foot so I generally live in a cheap tennis shoe that I can cinch up and am comfortable in. I started to have leg problems and inverted in "The Good Feet" orthotics....expensive and my DH almost croaked....LOL!, but they work!!! I've worn them about 7 years now and wear them daily.....no more leg or foot problems. They come in sets of three so that I can wear an arch support in my tennis shoes and slippers, too. I also bought a pair of Dr. Scholl gel inserts for women and they are not bad either, but then, I don't wear them every day......maybe every two or three days.....I don't buy expensive tennis shoes....mine cost in the $50-$60 range and I wear them till the soles get worn down. You have a hard decision to make. Hope my experience helps
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