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Default Presser Feet

I bought a used Bernina last year.

I am just now going through the presser feet - attempting to identify them. Some of them have numbers engraved on the shanks - which do not match the current numbering system. Some of them have no ID on their shanks. So - it is a bit of a detective game.

Of the presser feet that I recognize - the ones I use are the "general/all purpose" foot, the zipper foot, and the darning foot. I still mend small holes in socks.

Which presser feet do you use?
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Cleaned my sewing machine desk out the other day and decided to put my feet where they belong for my 401 and 2662.
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I use my general zig zag foot, 1/4 inch patchwork foot, darning foot ( for FMQ), walking foot, occasionally the zipper foot and appliqué foot.
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In addition to those above, I use the Teflon foot, for sewing oilcloth and the blind hemmer , it's great for invisible hems when turning up hems on trousers and for a professional finish on curtains.
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I use the same as Tartan....just the basic everyday feet.
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On my "old" Viking I have every foot that was available at the time...bought them little by little and yes, used them all....and still ruffler, cording, walking(of course). On newer BL, just use what came with it, although I did buy additional 1/4" and 1/4" with flange, and really dislike both of them.........the attachments for the new machine are as high priced as the machines are! Can you tell I still love my " old lady"!
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Hi Bear is Gray.

What model number/name is your Bernina?

As far as I know, there are three confusingly named "styles" of Bernina feet. The "Old" style; the "New" Style, and the "Newest/Computerized" style with a large glass sensor to the top right of the foot. You probably won't be using this one since it works only on the latest computerized models.

The "New" style has a white label with the foot number printed on it. The top part of the label has a diagonally striped red and white area. The stripes are very tiny and look "solid" in my photo.

Like this...

This is a "New" style, which is 10 years, or much more, old. My Bernina Activia 230 PE uses this type of foot.

Notice the notch cut out of the back of the top section of the foot. This notch, and the red/white stripes mark this as a "New" style foot. It's a 7-Groove pin tucking foot.

I'm going to find you a link on the "Old" style B. feet, but let me know your model number/name.
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This is copied from "The Colorful World of Sewing"...

Bernina Presser Feet

Bernina presser feet and accessories are essential for professional sewing results. Each Bernina presser foot is specifically designed to simplify a specific sewing task, but can be used for multiple purposes. We carry the most popular Bernina presser feet for both older Bernina sewing machines as well as newer models. Below you will find helpful information to help you select the correct presser feet for your Bernina machine.

NEW STYLE MODELS (manufactured post 1996)
  • Artista 730, 640, 635, 630, 200, 185, 180, 170, 165
  • Virtuosa 163, 160, 155, 153, 150 I STOLE THIS FROM THE COLORFUL WORLD OF SEWING
  • Activa 240, 230, 220, 210, 145, 140, 135, 131, 130, 125
  • 215, 330, 350, 380, 530, 550, 560, 570, 580, 710, 720, 740, 750, 770, 780, 790, 820, 830, 880

OLD STYLE MODELS (manufactured pre 1998)
  • 1000, 1001, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1008 (old style, but a current model), 1010, 1011, 1015, 1020, 1030, 1031, 1080, 1090, 1120, 1130, 1230, 1260, 1530, 1630 I STOLE THIS FROM THE COLORFUL WORLD OF SEWING
  • 900, 910, 930, 931, 932, 940, 950
  • 800, 801, 802, 803, 807, 808, 809, 810, 811, 817, 818, 819, 830, 831, 832, 840, 841, 842, 850
  • 700, 707, 708, 709, 717, 718, 719, 730, 731, 732, 740, 741, 742, 744
  • 530, 532, 534, 540
Some of the Bernina accessories we carry are manufactured by Bernina and some are equally high quality and guaranteed aftermarket products. Each item's description will denote if it is a genuine Bernina part or aftermarket part.

All Bernina machines can also use generic low shank and snap on feet from the Bernina Bernette category. Just purchase the corresponding Bernina shank adapter for your model and you can successfully use generic feet.



I'm not certain, but there may be even older feet that lock on with screw.
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Hi - thanks for the links -

One of my Berninas is a 530-2 purchased new in 1962. (Of couse, a "fancier" one came out the next year!)
I purchased a used 930 Record in 2014.
I purchased a used 1006 Bernina this fall. Apparently this had been a "school" machine.

The feet seem to be interchangeable on the 930 and 530.

The 1006 presser feet (which there are only three of) only work on the 1006 - but the tops are curved like the "old" stlyle, but don't fit on the 530 or 930. Or vice-versa. I want to get a darning foot for it - but I want to make sure that it will work. I will probably bring the machine with me to a dealership and go from there.
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I suppose I should answer the "What feet do you use?" question!

My husband gave me my first and only "Brand New, Latest and Greatest" sewing machine 10-12 years ago. It's a Bernina Activa PE (Patchwork Edition) 230. I love it. It was a slightly computerized version of the older 130 model. I did not know about "Vintage" machines at the time or I would have probably gone a different route. Still I LOVE and USE this machine to the max. She's my little jewel.

I do know the older 100 and 400 series, and the ones you mentioned, are more sturdy and very popular. It's like with the Singers; find a solid, Swiss built, mechanical work horse like yours and you won't be able to wear it out.

My 230 PE came with a free-standing accessory box that snaps on to the back of the machine for travel or storage. Some Bernina owners, like me, love, it. Many do not. (I am willing to adopt one that need a loving home! LOL)

My 230 PE came with these feet...

1- Reverse pattern foot (the all-purpose, standard foot)
3A - Buttonhole foot with slide
4 - Zipper foot
5 - Blind Stitch foot with guide
9 - Darning foot
20 - Open embroidery foot
57 - Patchwork foot

I've used, and love, them all.

A few months after getting the 230PE I stumbled upon the Sale-of-All-Sales! I visited a quilt shop that was no longer stocking Berninas. They had a large table of feet and accessories marked down 90%. Yes! Ninety percent. Of course all the machines were gone, but I still hit the mother lode.

I knew just enough about the accessories at the time to know that I wanted every single item that would fit my machine. I walked away with not only about 15 new feet, but I also got a straight-stitch throat plate, several bobbins, a circular embroidery attachment, the large, 18x24, acrylic/Plexiglas (?) extension table, and a floor table that flips up to cover the free arm -all at the 90% discount. I wish every machine owner could stumble upon such a deal.

Now, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I have 29 presser feet - stack them all up and they are nearly as large as the little Activa! LOL Well, I'm not really embarrassed, 7 of them came with the machine and at least 15 were bought at 90% off.

I also have the three-lens magnifier set, two extra thread caps, and the Feetures 1 and 2 books that have helped me learn to use these feet.

Here is the folding table in both the up and down positions. I live in a small house; I have to be able to "put my toys away" at certain times.
Attached Thumbnails b-sewing-table-down.jpg   b-sewing-table-up.jpg  

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