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Latrinka 05-16-2015 10:24 AM

This makes me think of that dog on TV that had eaten a LOT of socks, can't remember how many, but the dog got really sick I think, don't know if you have pets.

Cheshirecatquilter 05-16-2015 10:39 AM

I can top the missing sock surprise. I had an underwire work itself out of my bra and take a trip down the drain into the pump motor. So, when the water wouldn't drain correctly and the husband took the machine apart I had to claim the errant hardware. He wanted to know how I didn't notice it was missing. Wasn't one side a little floppy?

nativetexan 05-16-2015 11:07 AM

get yourself a lingerie bag and put them into that to wash. That way they will "stay together".

Ditter43 05-16-2015 12:33 PM

They're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of sox!!!!...hahahahahaha

gramajo 05-16-2015 01:39 PM

When my kids were small, I had plastic rings that corralled each pair of socks. They were great and I didn't have to match socks that were exactly the same except in size. I don't know if anything like that is still around, but they were very helpful.

moonrise 05-16-2015 01:59 PM

I wear little "footie" socks, and am ALWAYS losing them in the laundry. I finally made a lingerie bag. I tried buying some lingerie bags, but they always fell apart after a few loads, so I made my own. In a pinch, I've even used a pillowcase, tied loosely at the open end.

mrs. fitz 05-16-2015 03:25 PM

I have a friend who swears she has NEVER lost a sock while washing or drying. I don't believe her.

Material Witness 05-16-2015 04:41 PM

I have found them clinging to my husband's polyester shirts. They love polyester.

GrammieJan 05-16-2015 04:49 PM

I'm glad I don't wear socks! ��

tesspug 05-16-2015 05:12 PM

Originally Posted by Suz (Post 7197364)
Presently, I am using a very large safety pin to fasten a pair together. So far so good. If I lose one, I'll lose a pair. I think if they were in the discharge hose, I would have a flooding problem. Right? What is interesting, I don't have this problem with the white wash.

Do you think it is the "lady" who comes into my closet and takes inches out of the waist of my clothing? I haven't seen her, but know she is lurking around. Perhaps she is at your house right now and will come back to me soon.

Is this the same lady who comes into my sewing room and moves things. Sometimes she moves them out of the room.

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