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Quilty-Louise 11-09-2015 06:47 AM

When we are at home the heat is set at 66-68 degrees.

When we are gone during the day (at work) it is set at
60 (depending on how cold it is.

ManiacQuilter2 11-09-2015 06:53 AM

I live in So Cal and I have never used the heat yet in the 2 years I live here, EVEN when it snowed 12/31/14!! Right now it is a comfortable 76 degrees since I didn't leave the kitchen window open last night. I thought fall would NEVER arrive and had the A/C set at 80.

Wintersewer 11-09-2015 07:03 AM

You ladies would die in my house. We don't even have heat, just a woodstove. We usually make a fire when it's 60deg. inside. Our downstairs stays nice most of the time, but the upstairs is cold so we bundle up. If I get too cold I run a small ceramic heater in whatever room I happen to be in. I also use one to heat the bathroom before I take a shower. Our room is over the garage and gets near freezing, which we find excellent sleeping weather. We love flannel sheets and a featherbed plus several blankets. The last couple of years I have used a heating blanket, but keep only my side warm.

We heat with 10 face cord a year for $650, and still have a utility bill of $150 a month, so I would not want to pay for central heat. And one thing I love about heating with wood is that it is silent...I hate hearing a furnace run. Different strokes for different folks!

Boston1954 11-09-2015 07:16 AM

I WISH I could put my heaters on high, but it would trip the circuit breakers, and then there would not be any heat. If I can get it to 65, I guess I can stand it.

skaduzy 11-09-2015 07:22 AM

Thermostat is set at 72 during the day and 68 at night.

tessagin 11-09-2015 07:30 AM

Inside temp is 73 most days. Our house is so small we just use a electric heater when one of us is home. The dogs have fluffy coats and fluffy bedding. Most times I walk around barefoot or maybe pair of socks if it gets too chilly.

Crqltr 11-09-2015 07:41 AM

We converted a bedroom to a tv room and heat it in the winter with a small electric heater, it's cheaper than heating the whole house. Same thing for my sewing room, just heated when I'm using it.

QuiltingVagabond 11-09-2015 07:50 AM

Winter temp is 68 and summer is 75, as I get older I find I do not tolerate heat as well.

JENNR8R 11-09-2015 08:10 AM

76 year round... and I have five layers of covers on the bed.

I used to be hot all of the time... then I lost 112 pounds and haven't been warm since.

Jingle 11-09-2015 08:13 AM

At my age now I refuse to be uncomfortable. I cut back on heat and no a/c when I was younger.
I keep it about 72-74 in winter, 64-68 in summer.
I also have small dogs and most of all my Cockatiel needs warmth, my cats prefer warmth too.
I use an electric heater for the bird.

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