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Julienm1 03-06-2021 02:40 AM

I have insomnia. How about you?
Since we don't have an option for a chat room and there won't be, I thought I'd try this.

I'm up almost every morning between 3 or 4. Have to make sure DH gets his thyroid med and then I'm up for the day. He goes back to bed. I check this forum to see what's new and notice there are other early birds, too.

So, anyone want to post as if this IS a chat room? Same rules will apply that other threads abide by. We'll see if moderators will allow this.

Julienm1 03-06-2021 03:00 AM

Tapping my fingers hoping someone will post.

Noticed I should be getting two packages today of MUCH NEEDED quilting supplies. (Yeah right!) Just trying to continue to support the economy.

Fizzle 03-06-2021 03:55 AM

Got up at 3 to take out the puppy and never did get back to sleep. Finally got up and got some coffee.

Fizzle 03-06-2021 03:57 AM

I am trying to organize and NOT buy more but its hard! There are so many things out there we just need!!!

Julienm1 03-06-2021 03:59 AM

Dh takes pill. I take coffee! I remember puppy days.
Need to finish this small quilt today and glue baste three others. Hate basting. What's your plan for today?

Julienm1 03-06-2021 04:02 AM

Oh Fizzle I know. I'm sewing for Project Linus and found cute panels with individual masks. Yep, ordered 3 to cut and sew into quilts for kids. Shhhh don't tell DH

lberna 03-06-2021 04:49 AM

A week ago, we got our 2nd Covid vaccination. I can’t tell you the relief I feel. We still have to wear a mask when we go out but that’s not a big deal to us. We are elderly and we just want to hug our children and g'children again. We want to feel safe again when we eat inside a restaurant which we haven’t done in a year. We received the Moderna vaccine and we had few mild side effects. So incredibly happy.

pocoellie 03-06-2021 04:50 AM

I'm up by 4:30 but do a couple things before I get on the 'net, sometimes I'm up quite a bit earlier, sometimes at 2, but that's because I have an early transport and in that case I don't get on the 'net.

Julienm1 03-06-2021 04:55 AM

Iberna, here in NM the county where you live determines when you get your shot. Buddy in adjoining CITY just had his second shot, we're the same age and still waiting to get the first shot. DH wants the one and done since he won't travel for business until he gets it.

lberna 03-06-2021 05:46 AM

Julienm1, here it’s by occupation, age, medical reasons, etc. We were in the second group, 70 years and older. Now, it’s 65 years and older and educators.

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