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Lady Diana 03-11-2016 06:41 AM

Try that pressure cooker! They are wonderful! Carrots cook in 3 minutes...roasts are so tender......please try.

dotcomdtcm 03-11-2016 06:49 AM

I love useful kitchen tools. With my arthritis in hands & shoulder, I love my Kitchenaid, spiralizer attachment, electric juice squeezer, & 7 place cherry pitter. I have a closet full of baking pans. But then I love to cook & entertain!

rjwilder 03-11-2016 07:07 AM

We have recently started to declutter and get rid of stuff we don't use. I had tons of cooking utensils, all kinds of baking pans that got donated since I don't bake anymore. I used to bake a lot with the grandkids when they were little but they are grown and gone. The grocery stores sell great baked goods, great deli salads and one of my favorites rotisserie chicken. I have nothing on my counters except the Keurig, and a toaster.

plainpat 03-11-2016 01:23 PM

Thanks everyone. Very interesting. My cookbook collection was huge.We stopped at a couple book publshers to stock up.Our DDs took what they wanted & the rest went to a church sale.
Did someone say " buy fabric?"oh,my.....fabric & tons & tons of sewing stuff is my next clearance problem.Been having shoulder/neck problems.Very doubtful I will ever be able to sew again.Mad at myself for getting so carried away.....'must have been a hoarder in another life:D

Evelynquilts 03-11-2016 01:37 PM

I have so many cookbooks I store then in my garage :)

tranum 03-11-2016 01:45 PM

Originally Posted by Lady Diana (Post 7490990)
Try that pressure cooker! They are wonderful! Carrots cook in 3 minutes...roasts are so tender......please try.

Pork chops, chicken for soup, so many many things.

purplefiend 03-11-2016 05:29 PM

Originally Posted by canmitch1971 (Post 7490088)
The most useless gadget I have ever had was a fondue pot. We might have used it twice in 45 years.. My Mother got us a pressure cooker that I have never used also...I am afraid of it.

I love cooking with my pressure cookers, they're useful tools. They're nothing to be afraid of as long as you follow the directions and use it properly.

Notwendy 03-11-2016 05:59 PM

I love large serving pieces (bowls, platters and oversized plates) and pretty dessert plates. I think I could serve 60 people cake and display a long table or three of nibbles. But I'm not patient enough to cook. When I'm hungry I don't want to wait hours. And when I'm not hungry I have no interest.

We keep a few small appliances. Some see almost daily use (Keurig, toaster oven, microwave). Others less often (George Forman grill, electric wok, tea kettle, small burner that only works with metal pans, rice cooker/steamer). I have most of the items because we don't have a stove/oven. Why keep something that large to mainly boil water?

I put a bookshelf in its spot where I keep my boxes of scraps and my quilting/sewing books. Much better use of the space. : )

JuneBillie 03-11-2016 09:35 PM

I use to have a pressure cooker years ago, and I used it all the time. It did cook the best fall off the bone meat, and held in all the flavor. I remember at first being afraid of it, but after about the second time, I never was afraid to use it again. It was very safe.

Now days it's mostly my crock pot. I got it when I was still teaching so I could put something on before I left and it would be done when I returned home.

Anniedeb 03-11-2016 10:48 PM

I love kitchen gadgets! I have a ton, and use a ton of them! I have slicers, and dicers, and mixers and strainers, and lots of spatulas! I have serving pieces and seasonal pieces and most of my Moms and MIL's things. Fortunately I have a lot of storage and know where most things are. I'm the go to person when anyone in the family needs something for a party. Crockpots, roasters, pressure cookers, rotisseries, coffee makers and presses... if they need it I probably have it!! I hate to think of downsizing!!

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