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JuneBillie 05-09-2015 10:13 AM

Oh I love the cherry tomatoes.

Pat you do sound like you are doing well since your surgery.

My son is usually gone to South Carolina for the Joe Nall Annual Fly In during Mother's Day. He also takes the photographs for the magazine that covers it. The event is for those from all around the world that fly remote control planes. Many invest thousands of dollars on their hobby. These remote control planes are not the kiddie version. Anyway, he usually has us over for a special dinner and gifts when he and my daughter in law get back home. He usally combines it with my birthday which is this month also. We always have a great time. I am always happy on Mother's Day knowing he is enjoying himself, because he and my daughter in law are always so busy working.

I am trying to drink more water today.

Here is wishing all of you a wonderful Mother's Day. :)
I will be thinking of my dear mother and mother in law who are here with us in heart and spirit. :)

meanmom 05-09-2015 02:33 PM

Lynne are you having both knees done at the same time? I know some people do. I only had one done. I overdid it yesterday and am paying for it today. Nothing bad. I am just a little bit sore and overly tired. I was on my feet way too much yesterday. All of the nurses,PT's and others in the hospital all keep saying that my surgeon is who they would have operate on them. I have been so lazy all day. I have no energy. I still need to do my PT exercises. I also have a CPM (continuous passive motion machine) I am supposed to use 6 hours a day. It is getting really old. I am hoping when I go to PT on Tuesday I can stop using it. I know it is really good for my range of motion. I need to be able to bend my knee to 120 degrees to get rid of it. I am realy close. I was at 110 degrees last week.
MY eating has not been very good. My granddaughter's first birthday party is tomorrow. My Japanese DIL will have so many gooies it will be insane. Then we have a party with my brothers and sisters and mom after that. It will be hard to behave. I WILL BEHAVE ON MONDAY!

Leann 05-10-2015 04:34 PM

Hi Pat, I will be having a 'staged procedure'; right knee on Monday, left knee on Thursday, then I should be released on Tuesday. Did you have to do pre-op exercises? Those are taking me an hour each day, so I have decided to split them up over two days. Are you in the CPM all 6 hours, or can you break up the time? I am impressed that your pain level is so low. Best wishes for your PT visit this week.

Just a little curiousity survey - what is your favorite color in a quilt?

CindyA 05-11-2015 02:45 AM

@Leann, color: my favorite color, in general, is green. But when it comes to quilts I enjoy everything!! I love using 'new' colors that I normally don't surround myself with. It's so nice to buy a piece of fabric that is a color I would never buy for something like curtains or clothing but am happy to work with when making quilts. :)

OK, back on track today before I have to buy a larger size of pants just to finish out the school year!!! Oatmeal for breakfast, lots of water today. Zumba tonight (dreading it, but it will be good for me).

Jim's Gem 05-11-2015 10:00 AM

Hello All!
So glad to hear that you are doing so well Pat! I have been told that I need a knee replacement as well. But since I have so much trouble with a foot, I can't walk long enough to really get my knee pissed off enough to move ahead on that.
I have been so very busy. I am on our Women's ministry team at our church. We decorated the church and provided snacks on Easter morning. I left that afternoon for 10 days for a trip to Texas to visit my husband's father. All my children and grands made it on that trip!
Then we always do a big luncheon the Saturday one week before Mother's day. For that luncheon we hang quilts all over the auditorium as decoration. The quilts are then moved and hung the day before Mother's day to decorate the sanctuary. I had quilts to finish, food to cook, decorations to buy and planning details to work out. After cleaning up from the luncheon, we had a wedding that evening that my DH officiated. The next morning I had to provide breakfast for our Sunday School class (about 55 people) I did this with another gal on the ministry team. I was thoroughly exhausted!
Then I had another queen size flannel quilt that I had started 12 years ago that I quilted and bound and turned in to be hung for yesterday. We also went down to OC to visit our mother's for Friday and Saturday.
Oops got to go, grands just arrived

Leann 05-11-2015 04:08 PM

My goodness Gayle! I am exhausted just reading what you have been doing! My aunt always told me that a busy woman gets things done, which was why she was always calling on me! I am hopeful that talent will return once my bionic knees are set.

We are about to wash away here in central Texas, yet many areas are still in drought status. I think I'm gonna piece a Burgoyne Surrounded block this week. I've been cutting scraps into usable pieces - something I tried to do last year. It takes so much more time to piece that way.

Cindy, my fav is blue-green or maybe even a turquoise. I also like teal. That said, I don't have any of those colors in my fabric pantry, only a bunch of turquoise jelly fishies on a black background. Saving that for something special, I suppose. I can't bear to cut it.

Oh and Ms. Pat, I got my 3 skinnies in the mail to you this morning.

Pam H 05-11-2015 06:41 PM

Pat, good for you with the progress you are making with your new knee! Were you able to get rid of the bending machine?
I like quilts with red in them. Also blues and greens - together or separate. Also teals and aquas. Ooh, a bit of yellow or orange really pops too. There's not much I don't like when color is involved!
Boy, did it get cold here! I was pretty cold when I started my walk this afternoon but I was sweating by the end. I've been doing pretty good with walking lately. I think I've walked 18 miles in the last 8 days. I have a good friend/neighbor who has walked most of those with me. Now if I would just stop putting so much sugary foods in my mouth.

Annaquilts 05-12-2015 12:06 AM

I like scrappy quilts and all kinds of colors except pink and white. I am also not big on quilts with just two or three fabrics or colors but might occasionally like two tone quilts especially if made with scrappies.

Leann 05-12-2015 03:45 PM

Good evening everybody,
Have not had a good day - eating is terrible. Makes me feel bad too. Will start fresh tomorrow.

Anna, my plan is to make all my next quilts from my scraps. After making 11 quilts last year for Christmas gifts, that pile exploded! Since everyone has a new quilt, I can take my time and make quilts to keep at home.

Annaquilts 05-12-2015 11:24 PM

Originally Posted by Leann (Post 7193761)
Good evening everybody,
Have not had a good day - eating is terrible. Makes me feel bad too. Will start fresh tomorrow.

Anna, my plan is to make all my next quilts from my scraps. After making 11 quilts last year for Christmas gifts, that pile exploded! Since everyone has a new quilt, I can take my time and make quilts to keep at home.

Hmmm...got to use that big pile of fabric I already got laying around. Fortunately I do like both designing scrappies and making them.

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