Right job. Wrong location.

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Default Right job. Wrong location.

Friend of ours bought a new house further away form his job that he's had for over 20 years. Company relocated the business that was better for them financially. No big deal. He took his family on a 2 week vacation over the holidays. Everyone had a blast! Vacation over. Back home. Back to work. Left for work today. Pulled into the parking lot. No cars. OMG! He was at the previous location! Oh, forgot to mention he is VP of operations!
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What a hoot. That is something that I would do. 😂
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And ya know, if I did something like that I don't think I'd tell anyone. But I know I'd never ever do anything like that...lol
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Muscle memory! That's what happens to me when I haven't had enough coffee yet -go on my brain's last instinct and muscle memory, heh.
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I did that years ago right after we moved into our current house. At the time I was working 12+ hour days, and often drove home late at night. One night I drove home, then was extremely mad someone had the nerve to park right in front of my house! I got out and went up to the door. It was only after my key did not work did I realize that I was at my old house!
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This is just too funny! Just shows how often we are on auto pilot.
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You're excused. It was late at night and you were tired!
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That's as bad as our neighbor. She worked the day shift. Came home tired, and fell asleep on the sofa. She woke up with a start when her son came in the door. Before he could ask her where she was going she took off for work. She didn't notice the sun was in a different direction, and even went into the building. She didn't tell the staff what happened, just that she forgot something. We all had a good laugh when she came home.
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thanks for sharing a fun story! Think we all need more of those right now.
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When I was 6 years old and in the first grade my Dad decided to take me to school one day instead of riding the bus. Neither of us noticed that there were no cars or busses at the school. Neither had they left anyone there to re-direct forgetful students. That was the day of the dress rehearsal for the school play. I was the lead. Somehow I had no note to my folks nor memory of the schedule.

Dad had pulled out of the parking lot and never looked back to the school. I was totally alone next to a state highway in a very rural part of California. I started to walk down this highway toward ?? I had no idea where to go. I then remembered that the rehearsal was at a different school, but that was 4-5 miles away. After a few minutes the mother of one of my classmates drove up to me and wanted to know why I was there. This classmate lived within walking distance to the school and her mother was required to drive her to the other school. By the time we got to the other school there was total chaos. I ran from the parking area onto the stage and started my singing.

Who knows what would have happened if someone else would have spotted me. I hate to think. It caused all sorts of rules to be in place to prevent this from happening again.
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