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I no longer let the answering machine pick up. I pick up the phone for a few seconds then hang up. That has really cut down on the calls. I too have gotten calls from my phone number. I treat them the same as the others. I don't know how that is possible but, it is weird.
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Originally Posted by Onebyone View Post
The apps that prevent robo calls have been found out they sell your info! Until the powers that be start getting robo calls a dozen times a day then nothing much can be done about it. The Do not Call list has never prosecuted any abuser have they? They harassers are smart enough to know how to be legal. Many doctor and other important services use auto messaging about appointments and don't leave voice mail and that can cause a lot of problems if not answered.
We've also had problems with doctors' offices not leaving messages. And sometimes the employees in doctor offices are using their cell phones. It seems to be impossible to get every phone number in my contact list.
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Default works well. I love that it rings once and goes away. If the TV is on and I'm paying attention I can see who is calling and being blocked. I get a lot of calls that are spoofed. We have the jury duty - there's a warrant for your arrest because you failed to show up for jury duty but you won't go to jail if you buy gift cards and call with the number. Seniors are the targets and there were so US Marshals will not arrest you, the court does not issue warrants for missing jury duty and report calls to the local FBI office and FTC. By the way, I have received calls that were spoofed from my health insurer's number. I did not answer, did some research and found warnings that scammers are trying another way to get personal information.
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Originally Posted by kuntryquilter View Post
I went to this sight and there was a charge of $1.99 per month. How are you getting it free?
It's free for a land line but cell phones are charged per month. I've had it for years on my home phone. It blocks nearly all of the calls. Other numbers I don't recognize I can block if I think it's a robocall.
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We got a robo call on home number the other day, which we didn't answer, and immediately after they hung up, I got a call on my cell phone from the same company! Really???!!!
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Originally Posted by quiltinglady-1 View Post
We got a robo call on home number the other day, which we didn't answer, and immediately after they hung up, I got a call on my cell phone from the same company! Really???!!!
I just had that happen also, and I find that really creepy. The home phone call came from a "Construction Company". Then the cell immediately after that. The creepy part is that we have two different carriers for land vs cell. I never give my cell phone number out, only have about 20 contacts and use my phone mainly as a camera. No idea how they connected the two numbers. I blocked the land line, but can't block on my cell.
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Originally Posted by toverly View Post
It's a hoot to hear the ones that want to help me with my federal student loan. They are real people calling. Really, I'm 57.
One time I got fed up with that one and snatched up the phone to tell them there is no one with a student loan in my household. Surprise -- it was a recording! Sure sounds like a real person, but it's not.
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DH and I sleep days, and it was so incredibly annoying to be woken up every couple of hours.

We've tried various apps, without little or no success. Finally I got so fed up that I put my phone in constant "Do Not Disturb" mode, and set it to where only people on my contact list can get through. Everybody else gets sent straight to voice mail without the phone making a peep. Ahhh. Silence!

When I wake up, I check for any calls, and look the numbers up on Google. Most of the time they're scammers, robocallers, or telemarketers. Ugh! They get blacklisted. If they call again from that same number, they get a message saying that my phone has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If they call from a different number the next time (and they often do), I'll blacklist it as well. It takes time, but I rarely get these unwanted calls now. DH hasn't been doing this as consistently as I have, and he still gets a lot of unwanted calls.

The less-than-ideal part is that if you're expecting a call from (say) a doctor's office, you have to have their number(s) in your contacts list or they'll get sent to voice mail without your phone ringing. Or you can turn off "Do Not Disturb" until that call comes through. (You just have to remember to do it!)

My phone is an Android phone, and the "Do Not Disturb" settings can be found under the Settings icon (it looks like a little gear). To blacklist an unwanted call, go into the call log, long-press on that phone number, and a menu will pop up. "Blacklist" is one of the options. (I'm not sure about other types of phones.)
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We can not stop these calls in western N.C. So I play their game. When I received a call about my car warranty, it was expiring :so they said. I ask which car. was it this one, that one and so on for 7 or 8 cars (which we do not have) giving year and model. I pretended to get very up-set and even cry, saying how I had let my husband down by not being on top of everything.This went on for abound 10 minutes. At long last this man ask if he could please take my name off their to call list. Guess what? 2 years and counting no more car warranty robo calls. (The septic system call was even better)
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[QUOTE=kuntryquilter;8290749]I went to this sight and there was a charge of $1.99 per month. How are you getting it free?[/QUOTE

Me too! I want to know how to get it free. I have a friend who sometimes gets up to 20 calls a day on her land line.
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