S.S. scam calls

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Default S.S. scam calls

Well, I have been receiving calls saying my S.S. number has been compromised. I know it is a scam call, and just hang up, But yesterday I decided to follow thru and first info he asked for was my complete name. I told him he already had that because he called me. He continued to insist I give him my name "so he could look for the case number". Finally, I told him that S.S. dept does not call members, they send letters. He claimed they had changed rules and now place calls. As I continued to argue, he screamed at me "you're a SOB" and hung up. Isn't there any way our govt or phone providers can stop this? BTW, my caller ID showed as a local bank and local number.
Why didn't I disconnect sooner? I had a neighbor who delighted in keeping those people talking with questions, etc. He said he was taking away time that they could use annoying someone else.
Just a couple of wks ago I answered a call that told me I had commited bank fraud and the Federal Reserve had a warrant for my arrest. I laughed and said, "come and get me!"
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My husband got a crank call the other day about an Iphone charge on his Amazon account that they "needed to help him clear up". LOL
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I get all of them. Form SS, Medicare, student loans, etc. I just hang up on them and block the number. Yes, a lot of the calls shows they are calling from a local number.
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I got a couple of those S.S. and bank fraud calls last week. I just hang up and block them for the next time they try to call me. I've also been getting sexual text messages on my cell phone with website to click to. Seems they have way too much time on their hands to now be going for the cellphones too.

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I got the one S S yesterday. She could get me more deals, and money back. Then she asked me for my card number. I told her I didn't have one. She said that every senior has one. I laughed and told her I was 29. Good thing these peoples can't see me.
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Could not get myself off a " car's warranty about to expire ad" Had a zillion blocked nos. for it but they had an endless supply of new ones. Finally one day I hit the talk to a person button and when they came on I talked French to them. She kept saying I can't understand you and finally screeched at me I know your not interested -- hung up and I've not heard from them since ...it's been a couple of month's. You probably don't need another language -- goobley-gook would probably also get the job done.
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I'm getting them here, too, in Southern California. I'm hoping the car warrantee scam is over. I haven't gotten calls from them for a week, after blocking many numbers. And they called early in the morning. The latest one was for ss. Scamming has to be profitable for them to be so persistent, and I am concerned for the people who fall for it.
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I has a so-called custom's officer on the phone and as I send quilt tops to my Canadian cousin it was a while before I caught on and tripped her up! Should of clued in when she kept asking me to spell my name!!
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I'm so grateful they want to help me with my student loan. LOL. Our local police department actually said, don't answer if you don't know who is calling. It was great.
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The Government entities NEVER call, they do send you a letter though. Or if you ignore them enough times they come and get you, :P

If things like this come in a email.......DON'T click on any links. A lot of places who send phishy emails use a key stroke logger or some other software to gain personal info like passwords and such. Never mind how I know about the key stroke logger, long story.
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