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You are lucky to get just two calls from DH while sewing. I don't even try it. He comes in the sewing room! It's always with requests like, "What color thread is in your sewing machine, I need this button tightened." or " I can't find the whatever it is, just tell me where it is." Love the man but sometimes he is like a kid wanting attention. Nothing to do but stop and give him attention.
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I love my husband but annoying is annoying. No way I would accept such selfish behaviour just sitting doing what he wanted. Saying he just wants to have my company won't wash with me. He can come sit and watch me sew if he only wants my company. We meet in the middle and it works great.
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I moved my machine upstairs to the end of the dining table when DH was having heart trouble. We eat at the counter so table is available & I can see the tv from there so we can watch a movie together. I make a lot of trips up & down the steps to my big cutting mat & big ironing table but consider it exercise. I have a small cutting mat & ironing table upstairs.
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Some people are just needier than others. My husband has a lot of interests so if I'm sewing he's either working or doing something he enjoys. I think it would bug me if he started bugging me but he doesn't. But I don't bug him either. We usually spend evenings together. I don't like to sew at night (but I like handwork while watching TV or listening to music. Sometimes we don't even like to watch the same shows so I have my airpods and watch Youtube quilt videos or something. But we do enjoy our time at night with each other and our 2 furkids. The cats love "family time" lol.

It's probably not a good thing when one spouse has hobbies and the other doesn't.

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I discovered yesterday that there was a down side to my sewing all day, especially when I started another few of these over the last few days and Opps! I forgot all the important things I should be doing like making doctor appts, updating the quilt guild programs for this year and keeping in mind COVID, and not to mention the 3 music tracks I was suppose to record for a choir I am in. We are doing everything virtually right now. So when I am done here I will start on the music tracks. I have already been on the phone trying to update the quilt guild programs. I am not having to good of success with it either. So I am taking a break to catch up on everyone here. Maybe tomorrow will be an all day sewing day again. I hope so.
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I could sew all day, but at 71, I am really focused on my health. I divide my time among cooking chores, tending to my Apple watch's activity demands (try for four or more miles a day,) freelance writing and amusing my DH, but I try for quilting time most days.
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