This is so true

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Default This is so true

"A man will fix something if asked to do it. There is no need to keep reminding him every six months."
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That is my husband! He will say that he is going to do the dishes after dinner - but he never says how long it will be after dinner. Then he gets upset if I get disgusted and do them. But I am not a happy camper to wake up and find a sink full of dirty dishes.
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Truer words were never spoken. It starts my day off badly if I get up and see a sink full of dirty dishes (especially if the dishwasher is empty)
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Don't even get me started. My husband will do the dishes (immediately), but he refuses to do home repairs, weed or mow the lawn. He grew up in a home with a maid...that sense of privilege has never gone away, and we really don't have the income to pay for his attitude. Frustrating. BUT he is basically a good man, so guess I'll keep him a bit longer. (44+ years so far)
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A very funny quote ! My DH is pretty good about doing things for me around the house. The remark about the dishes reminded me of my sister who would procrastinate about the dishes each night when we were kids. She would tell me to wash the dishes while she went to the bathroom and then she would dry them. Well, we had a big family and I would wash and rinse and stack while she hid in the bathroom. Her job was to dry and put away. The stack would grow and grow until I had to put some away or they would fall over. After everything was done (the table had to be clean), she would come waltzing out and put away a few dishes. I have been a hard worker my entire life and she was a slacker, she was my step sister. She died a few years ago and I still miss her.
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I learned early on that it was easier to do things myself. Don't get me wrong eventually DH would have gotten around to doing what ever I wanted done. We bought a house and it was painted a very dark depressing gray.If we didn't leave the outside lights on we could not see it after dark. After a month no plan was made to re-paint. Being married to the boss has its advantages.I took the day off from painting some where else and painted our house instead. The only reason he found the house that night was because my truck was parked in front. That week end he noticed how bad the back porch really was so we tore it out and replaced it with a bigger and safer one.I picked my battles wisely.I would take care of repairs and maintenance except any thing electrical. Hey I would look terrible with frizzy hair lol
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Sometimes the way to get them to do it is to do-it-yourself. When he sees what you are doing, he will know that is not the right way and will "do-it-himself".
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Mine never did home maintenance either. Would like to trade him in but afraid I might get a worse one --LIke changing a used car for a different used car . I am sure there are some ladies who wouldn't mind my problems with him. I know ---I'm not perfect either but at least I am organized. I always said if I had known he was this disorganized I wouldn't have continued dating him . ( 1 st hubby deceased )
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Mr stitchnripper isn't very handy. He is a great and meticulous painter but has given up doing that and we hire now. He does do the dishes every night and will empty the dishwasher when he gets home. He is a good man who treats me "right" so while I tease him that he lives on my last nerve sometimes I still wouldn't trade him.
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Mine has been cleaning and painting the deck for two years. When I finally pushed him a bit, he went outside and worked. From the sliding door it was looking better, until I walked out there. He had put all of his cans, rollers, etc. at the end of the deck where I couldn't see them. He is great with keeping the grass cut but weed eating seems to get done but once per year.
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