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Originally Posted by Stitchnripper View Post
I watched a you tube video where a young woman showed how she did laundry in a family of a lot of children. She said she sorted by like fabrics not caring about color except for the whites. If I have a loose item I add it to whatever is left. It might need to go in a lingerie bag. I don’t find anything lately runs color wise
Exactly how I do it too.
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That kleenex has a cousin who hides in my laundry room and jumps in the washing machine tub when my back is turned. Tricky little devil!
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I've had kleenex make it thru the wash, but then came apart in the dryer. Much easier to clean up
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You know those little lens cleaning advertising cloths that optometrists and opticians give out? I missed one in DH's pocket. It cost me a repair service call because it was small enough to make its way into the drain mechanism and then got wrapped around the rotors of the drain motor. Grrr!! At least Kleenex will (mostly) disintegrate.

I have started being much less picky about colour sorting especially if the items have been washed before. If I have several sweaters to wash, each gets its own lingerie bag and are washed in one cold delicate load, then laid flat to dry. I have become much more picky about what goes into the dryer. I got tired of my tops getting wider and shorter. Now all my tops come out of the washer, get a good shaking and are hung on hangers to dry.
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I'll tell you where they went -- the same little ogre that used to steal hub caps has switched to socks, etc. because new cars don't have them any more

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Doing my laundry right now and thought I'd cut off all the tags to the new tops I picked up. Wrong!!!!! Of course it had to be the top made from t-shirt fabric so the shredded tag stuck like glue to it, not to mention the mess it made inside the washer. Took it outside to shake as much as I could, then took a roller tape to try to get the remaining off before throwing it into the dryer. Not too much of a mess but enough to mess up my perfectly pleasant Sunday.

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I usually put things like that in with some dark towels - dark towels that have been washed numerous times and don’t bleed anymore. Recently I got a hot pink dress and my husband put it in with a load that included some of his undershirts. Whoops. I’m not sure why you’d put hot pink in with white... Even the color catcher didn’t help with that.

i remember my mom having a washing machine where you could save the water to re-use. When we got our first washer I asked for the water saver one, but they said they didn’t make that kind anymore.
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cleaned a filter Saturday. One allen wrench, one T pin, one 2" screw, and one hand sewing needle.
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I am old fashioned when it comes to wash. Whites, in hot, with bleach. Colored clothes are separated by lights, medium, and darks, and done in that order. I have the ability to adjust my load size, water temp, and kind of cycle I use. I use color catchers, and color safe bleach. Kleenex/paper towels and strictly DH's fault! He loves to stick them into any available pocket. I usually miss the button down shirt pocket! I grew up using water saver machines, so it was important to do things in the correct order to keep mom happy!
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I try to match an odd color item with a load that is the closiest. I only wash in cold water, never had any clothing bleed color.
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