I know we have talked about EQ and Stand Alone Programs. I noticed that they have a sale on the Stand alone programs and I have been waiting to add the Town and Country software to my collection.

For those of you who would like an easy program and dont' want to study EQ, The Stand Alone iPrograms are perfect. All one has to do is print the patterns. All the Shirley Libby pp are on sale. I have all her soft ware. If I need a pp cat, dog, boat or anything, she has it and all you have to do is print it out, so easy.

There are lots of paper pieced patterns. The Town and Country has lot of PP houses and I love to put houses in my Log Cabin quilts. At half price, I am getting it lol. My treat for the month, I get an allowance after all lol.

If you have EQ, some of the design books are on sale too. I always wait for their sale so I can add what I want to my collection. I like to have everything I need lol...don't we all?


Off to buy my Town and Country now....