Hi, I am really bummed. I have several gift projects to make that need my embroidery machine. I spent several hours and a whole lot of my little bit of patience trying to make it work. I totally destroyed one piece of fabric and am making a rag of another piece. I may end up having to purchase some more. I have a Bernina Deco 650. It began by making the embroidery too loose and leaving big loops on the surface. Before I could finish a letter the top thread kept breaking. I rethreaded it numerous times, rehooped and added extra stabilizer, changed the needle, adjusted the tension, cleaned and oiled the bobbin area and even changed bobbins. The problem seems to be getting worse. The machine has a self threading thing which is not my favoroite piece of equipment. It seem as if the upper thread is to loose and may be getting caught and either shredded or broken on the needle threading part. There is no way to remove it. I have tried differnt thread, different needles even differnt fabric to embroider. The problem keeps getting worse.
I would appreciate any suggestions. The shop where I purchased it does repairs on tuesdays. Of course by the time I decided to give up they were already closed. HELP!