Tears won't stop

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I can't stop crying! I just took 3 of my foster kitten babies over to the Luv-A-Pet center at PetSmart so they can be adopted into their new forever families. I have had them for the last 6 weeks of their 8 weeks of life. Last night, they all washed both arms for me. I think they knew something was up. As I walked away from the cage, they were crying because they didn't understand that their new families were just waiting for them. I wish I could figure out a way to not get so attached to them. I suppose I could just put them in the room and ignore them until they reached the age to be adopted but I just can't do that. I spend 4-5 hours a day with them getting them socialized and used to people. It's a very rewarding "job" until the point where that cage clangs shut and I have to walk away. I wish the pain would stop. I still have 4 more that will go in 2-3 weeks and I'll go through this again. But I guess when people call asking for help with kittens they have found, I will be here for them. Thanks friends for listening. You are a wonderful group of people. If only the tears would stop....
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Take comfort in the help you are giving to their lives.
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I understand your feelings and emotions and know you are sad. I appreciate what you do sooooo much. I couldn't do this but you can. This is such a special thing you do. Let your tears flow but remember you will be there for more precious kittens.

Blessings and a BIG HUG for you.
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God bless you for your caring heart. Just knowing they have a chance because of you - may God bless you ten times fold.
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((hug)) sorry for your loss, but they have a chance now, especially since you made sure they knew that people are good things who will love them.
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Oh Wendy, I feel so bad for you. I have two adopted rescue dogs and help financially to support a rescue in WI. I have never fostered because I know I would be a foster flunkie and we would have many more animals. Bless you for being fur babies momma until they find their forever homes. There's a special place for you in heaven!!

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I know the feeling. I just put my dog down last Tuesday. I had her for almost 6 years.
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I know how you feel hon. the mamma cat we took with her two kittens got pregnant again before we got her to stay indoors. she had six more. I found good homes for 3 and after two months of playing every day with them, i took the other 3 to a place where they found homes for them.
i still think of them and even found some pics of them playing just the other night. sigh.
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I'm right there with you! I can get emotionally attached to a new animal within seconds, without even touching it. Then it's like giving up one of your children when that time comes.
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Oh Wendy! I know how you feel because I did the same thing last year. I had to take three kittens to be adopted and it broke my heart too. What is funny now, but not then, I was the one doing the crying and my daughters were comforting me. I thought I would be comforting them.

You can rest easy knowing you took care of them and gave them a good home while you had them and I am sure they will find a great forever home. Lets pray our heavenly father will make sure of that.

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