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Same thing happened to me at McD's drive thru. Manager told me it would throw their register off!
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Our church specifies a different type of item each week to encourage people to contribute to the pantry. One week it was toilet paper. I mentioned this to my neighbor that had to miss that week. She asked me with a straight face why would the homeless need toilet paper.

I told her that bodily functions don't stop just because you are homeless. Also, the reality is that it will go to low income families that have to stretch what little money they have.
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Thanks. Love the Le-a. I work with the public and the names we get!
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All these idiots live in my town. I have had encounters with them all. LOL. I had a co worker who was having a problem with her car. Another co worker said she probably needed a new fuel filter. A few weeks later the guy asked her if she bought a new fuel filter. She said yes, she had bought four of them and they made the problem worse. He said what do you mean? She had been dropping the filters in her gas tank!
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I had heard of a couple before, even though they're true and funny, it's also frightening, since these people are either running things or our future.

We are dumbing everything down.. Have you seen the videos of kids who don't know how to use a dial phone - that one's cute. The same thing with the names: some are changed to be different, but others names come about, because they go with the phonetic spelling rather than the correct spelling.

Has anyone seen "Water's world" on "The O'Reilly Factor"? He goes to places and asks people about news stories, political people, and other things? Some of the answers are scary. For example, he asked some people whether they were for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare. One answer he received was the person was for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but not for Obamacare, because they thought the ACA was cheaper. The person didn't know they were one and the same.

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ohhhh yes needed that laugh. thanks
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My oldest daughter who is 32 years old recently bought a new
laptop for gaming.
After a couple days she called the place she bought it from to
complaining that the "stupid" thing won't turn on and charge.

The guy she spoke with said "first things first, did you have the
cord plugged into the wall outlet"?


My daughter then said umm never mind, please disregard this
phone call.

She ended up returning that laptop because it wasn't all they
said it would be for her online gaming.

Last Sunday we was out shopping and she bought another new
laptop. After we finished out shopping I took her home, and as
she got out of my car I reminded her not to forget to PLUG the
laptop up to the wall outlet so it can charge.
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I work in an area where we hear new names all the time. One woman DID name her baby La-a in our area. I've also heard of Kash Money (pronounced mo-nay) and Strawberry. I understand that it's your choice what you name your child, but please do not make it sound like a strippers name.

I've often given cashiers coins in order to get bills in return. When they look at me quizzically, I just say "Enter it into the cash register. You'll understand afterwards." I'm not sure that all of them did understand.
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My DD's high school just graduated new art teacher was telling me about her trip to New Jersey. She said she never knew New Jersey has such a big lake around it like Michigan. The school custodian standing near us about busted a gut.
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My sister asked me if Mexico was part of the US. She was 16 at the time.
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