Thiefs at Jo-Ann's

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Just got back from JoAnn's. Only 2people working, both cutting fabric. Got to the cash register, checked out and I headed for the door. 2 women, 1 carring an Ott Light in box and another woman carring something else in a big box. They hovered at some fabric displays near the door and when I walked out, so did they. I knew I had not seen them at the cash register. My friend came out right after I did, I told her what happened and between the 2 of us, we got their license plate number. We went back in, asked both workers if they had cashed someone out with an Ott light and they both said no. I told them they had been taken and gave them the license plate number. You know, we all end up paying in the end for stuff like that.
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I'm glad you got the license plate. Makes me mad that people do this
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Good for you for getting involved. Great detective work!!
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Going back in to report it was the right thing to do. Thank you.
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You better believe we honest people pay for this kinda stuff.
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quick thinking :thumbup:
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Good for you. My JoAnn's usually has just 2 people working and half the time one of them is in the back doing whatever. The cutting table is so that person has no idea who is coming and going. So I am sure that type of thing happens alot.
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Good for you. Shame on them for stealing.
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I have wanted a big Ott Lite forever......but not bad enough to steal it! Hats off to BarbaraTx for noticing.
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I've stolen only one thing in my whole entire life...when I was 11...a paperback from k-mart. For the next 6 months, every time the door bell or the phone rang, I was just certain it was the police coming for me. I decided right then that thievery wasn't in the cards for me...

Fast forward about 40 years...I stop at the convenience store that I stop at every morning on my way to work...I run out of hands so put one item in my pocket. When I get to work, I find the item, panicked, found the store's phone number, called them to let them know what happened, and stopped again on my way home to pay for the item...the store workers were laughing hysterically at me, but I felt better. Oh yeah, the item? a tube of Carmex!
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