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Thread: What do you buy at craft fairs/ art shows?

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    Dec 2010
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    I love going to craft shows and if I find something I think I can make, I usually buy one as a sample. My friend can figure out a lot of things by looking at them, but I usually need instructions or at least a sample and write out a plan. One thing I really like to buy are the covered composition books that people use for journals or notes, etc. My DH teaches a 4th/5th grade class and I donate them to her treasure box. The kids get tokens as rewards for doing good deeds, homework, good test results, etc. and she said the kids love the books. I really should just make some myself for her students, but it's easier to buy them at a show.

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    In the 70's I looked forward to Bazaar season kicking off, usually the first weekend of November. It was one more way of enjoying the season. I started downsizing in 2001 and have very seldom been to one since except for three years I actually had two tables at the Kalama one, as part of parting out an estate. Ruth loved christmas decor, had 400+ santa tree ornaments just to begin with and a truck load of outdoor decor plus much more.
    It was like having a garage sale, fun for the first few hours, boring as heck the rest of the time
    I did dress somewhat outrageously and always stood, interacting with every person that went by.
    Something I'd recommend to booth sellers anywhere. Hard on the feet but sellers loose so much opportunity with their heads buried in a book, screen, or knitting.

    so to reanswer no I don't buy, because I don't go. Stuff holds me not.

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    i absolutely love wind chimes. a woman that i follow makes wind chimes out of wine bottles. the sound is so sweet.
    a quilter, a baker, a picture-taker

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    I don't buy much unless it's glass or beaded. Last Summer, I would have bought a crocheted shawl if I hadn't been on a dog walk with no money available - i don't walk Moira with anything I don't need. By the time I walked back to the car and returned with cash, I got over wanting it.

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    I always buy the item I find interesting enough to pick up and examine.
    I believe giving what I can will never cause me to be in need.
    Being cheap is not a badge of honor.
    My heroes are working people, paying their own way, taking care of their children and being decent human beings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sewbizgirl View Post
    When I go, I usually just buy the kinds of things I can't make... small paintings, soaps, and now I'm on the lookout for a yard spinner!

    I don't mind people looking closely at my items, but I draw the line when they try to take pictures with their phones. That's the height of rudeness, and I won't hesitate to tell them so.

    I haven't sold at a craft show in several years. I got tired of all the work setting up, only to have 99.9% gawkers and so few sales. As a buyer, I get tired of seeing the same old, same old everywhere. Painted wooden signs, decorated wooden crosses and the almighty fleur-de-lis! I don't see crosses as something to make pretty and decorate your home with. That's missing the point. And the fleur de lis must be the decorating staple of the South. Likewise, I miss all the jewelry sellers. I rarely wear it, so it's easy to pass by those stalls, tho they seem to do pretty well.

    Guess I'm a craft show curmudgeon.
    me too!! I got tired of hearing, "Oh, that must have taken so long to make!" and "I've got to get going and finish My quilt one of these days." I think the only people who make money at craft fairs are the food vendors, who are usually the people running the craft fair. Hmmmm, could there be a connection?
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