What do you do when...

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Default What do you do when...

...your husband comes into the room and asks you what frogs eat and then tells you that there's a live frog in your upstairs toilet.

And that it was there before you left to visit family a month ago? I am sure he didn't tell me because I would have demanded that he catch it and release it into the wild before we left.

Darned if I know. I'm wondering how it even got there, and how we will get it out!

Theory: One of my grands ingested a tadpole or frog egg while playing before they came for Thanksgiving, and made a 'deposit' in the toilet. The upstairs bathroom isn't used to often, so if it survived a flushing or two, it could grow and mature.

Anyone have a better theory?

Maybe it's a new species of frog - Toilet Frog.
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Yike, yike, yikeeeee!!! Any theory is scary! One can only assume he is living on any bacteria in there......probably now the cleanest toilet in town!

All I could say is, GET RID OF IT!!!!!
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He is hopping out if the lid is left open and getting back in. Use a fish net and get him and put in the nearest ditch. Digestive juices would have killed the tadpole/egg. Frogs hibernate so can go a long time without food.
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OnebyOne - I didn't realize that frogs hibernated. I probably learned that in school back in the dark ages, and thenm forgot it. That explains how it survived for at least a month.

A little research can be enlightening! Per google searches, it's likely a tree frog. It seeems that they can hop from a tree onto a roof. There's a toilet vent on the roof, it's uncovered - they have to be or the could become clogged with leaves, etc. So apparently frogs can just fall in. We do have tree frogs around and I have seen them in action on the side of my house, so that is probably what happened.

I had visions of snakes or rats coming through the pipes. Ugh - for three reasons, we'd have to find the break in the pipes, we'd have to fix it, and we'd have to deal with snakes or rats.

It's much more pleasant to think of a frog falling into the vent on the roof. Definitely cheaper than a broken pipe somewhere in the yard.

Tomorrow my DH becomes a frog hunter. He's a city boy, so this ought to be fun to watch. I think hunting for frogs in the toilet is assigned to the husband-ly duties in the fine print of our marriage contract.

Then again, we need to do grocery shopping tomorrow. I think I'd prefer frog hunting to that...
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You have bigger issues than a frog in the toilet. Your husband can't handle this? Wow. Not sure that i even believe this. My husband "protects" me from the occassional house mouse that gets stuck on the sticky mats. Stomps them them dead after he picks up the trap and takes it outside to do the deed.

I could handle the frog if need be. Put on rubber kitchen gloves, grab the dang thing, put it in a container and put it outside. No, i would not stomp the frog...he gets his freedom. Mice? Not so much.

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We had a neighbor who had a rat in the basement toilet. He got out his handy dandy shot gun and blew the toilet away. It was hilarious. Probably not for his wife, she slept down there! It's still funny. One of the block stories!!!!!!!! Every once in a while an occasion will come up when a block story (from on our block) is perfect for telling. First off I was born in this neighborhood, after we were married I lived in this neighborhood and I have lived here now in this home for 43 years come this April 12. I can forget what day it is, but I haven't forgotten one block story and this one is about my favorite. Poor Dick, he never thought of where the water was going to go after he shot the toilet. Carpeting and everything down there. Makes for even a better story. Edie
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At least shooting the toilet guy did something. I know if my DH told me a month later about it and didn't do anything the first time he saw the frog I would be disgusted. It's being cruel to the frog too. City raised has nothing to do with it.

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Awww, just catch the little guy and put him outside. A little fishtank net would be the easiest but you could probably use a small tupperware type container. Scoop him up with some water and transplant him outside.
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I had just finished my nightly routine when a heard a gurgle in the toilet. My first thought was "big plumbing bill coming up" because that toilet is the end of the line in our house. Then I saw something moving in the toilet. A possum, about 6" long plus tail, was swimming in the toilet! DH used kitchen tongs to put the little guy in a trash can and release it outside, assisted by our very excited dog. I found the heaviest books I could find and put them on the closed toilet lid in case our swimmer had been playing chase with his siblings.

We released the little guy because possums eat lots of bugs and they are harmless. We figure he was chasing bugs down the vent and slid down, or he was after water. It did take a little while to go to sleep that night.

I used to feed my friend's cat when they left town. I learned to open the freezer and check some ice cubes. Melted ice cubes let you know if the refrigerator or freezer lost power for a period of time. Look under the sink and check for water..pipes do break. And lift the lids and check on the toilets. My friends came home to a dead squirrel in the toilet.
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I have found dead mice in my toilet.
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