What I am good at-

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I am really good at keeping my studio clean, and at how well I keep organized when piecing blocks and tops.
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For my art quilts, I am good at having an idea but waiting until the whole thing: design, colour, fabrics, technique, finish, come together before I begin it.
And, I am good at recognizing when my idea is not going to work out the way I wanted and letting it go so I don't get stressed out about it.

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I'm pretty good at sewing curved seams...and appliques...definitely not mitered corners, but keep trying.
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HHmmpphhh.... I'm not good at much! But I do enjoy trying. I guess I'm good at trying to ask the right question and pay attention and listen. I know a lot of things, but do not consider myself as good at any of them. Modesty? Perhaps. But a realization there are those of you out there who know far more than me. And that is what keeps me coming back into this forum and reading on a semi-regular basis. I'll be best at thanking all of your for your patience and knowledge!!!
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I’ve gotten to pretty good at choosing fabrics. At first, it gave me high anxiety to select the fabrics for a new quilt. If the owner of my favorite LQS wasn’t in when I went there to shop, I just turned around a walked out. I didn’t trust me or anyone else to select what I needed. Now, I walk in with confidence and walk out with fabric. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to a quilt shop since this pandemic started. I’ve been using up my stash. But, I received my first vaccination last week and so in about 6 weeks I’ll run on down to a quilt shop. I just wish my favorite LQS hadn’t closed down a couple of years ago.
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Well I am good at quilting and sewing, decorative painting and I love to cook. I also was a darn good nurse.
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I am good at amassing beautiful fabrics and, on occasion, making lovely quilts from them. When I'm not quilting, I'm good at writing for publication and meeting my deadlines.
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I am confident about my designs, color/pattern choices and visual ideas. I am good at finding the right fabrics in thrift stores. And I'm not afraid to lurk into the belly of my machine with a screwdriver in hand.
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I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. I try to do the best I can but I will never be perfect.
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