Windows 7 anyone?

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Default Windows 7 anyone?

I made the mistake of upgrading to Windows 10 and I hate it. Is anyone still using Windows 7 and do you have any problems with updates and security? Also which search engine do you use? Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome? I want to go back to Windows 7 and would appreciate any input you can give me. I only changed to Windows 10, because they told me their wouldn't be updates to security etc. for Windows 7 anymore.

Help and Thanks

ng sp

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You can continue to use it but there will no longer be security updates etc.....
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is there any other system besides Windows 10 that you know of? I don't use the cloud or the things in 10 and am looking for something else.
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I don't know if you can roll back to Windows 7, and to change operating systems is a complicated process unless you buy a new PC. You might do well with a Chrome computer but there are not any decent computer deals out right now because so many people had to switch to work and school online. Search for "Windows Classic Desktop." You may be able to install a program that makes Windows 10 appear and behave more like the older version.

As for browsing the web, I use Brave. It is a variation of Chrome browser. It automatically blocks a lot of annoying advertisements and animation unless you choose to allow it on a per-site basis.
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don't go back to 7.

customize 10 so it looks and acts like 7 did.
you will have to google for the steps.
not difficult to do.
just figure out what you miss most and track down the steps to getting it back in 10.
it's all there.

i don't use any of the windows browsers.
i left them behind years ago.

firefox for most things.
chrome for a [very] few others.

8 was the pits.

i like 10 better than anything since vista.
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And I was quite happy with Windows (or was it Microsoft) XP.
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I have windows 8.1 and chrome. Not too hard.
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I agree with Patrice. Windows 10 really is an improvement over previous versions, and you can customize it so it feels more familiar. It's worth it to have the safety updates and be able to run current software.
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I switched to Win 10 this week. Windows 7 had slowed down so much it was frustrating. With Edge & Chrome it is much better. Still a few things to figure out but I have fumbled thru. Was able to email & send a copy of my license to the humane soc. for my adoption papers.
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I'm using Windows 10 and Chrome. Rather have updates and security than take a chance with all the hackers out there. Microsoft Edge is on my PC but I don't use it. Didn't see much difference between the 2 when I changed over but then I can't remember much after 5 minutes these days anyway.
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