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Was just laughing about this one. At first I thought you were talking about your computer. I get several calls every month about windows or Microsoft. Of course I am not stupid enough to let anyone do any control of my computer! But then discovered you were talking about windows for your home . I have been known to give false information from time to time just to manipulate their game plans. Then of course I now screen every call coming in.
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lately, and I don't know why, when the calls come thru, on the screen it says, "fraudulent call".
I live in a condo, so all that they are selling, is taken care of by the condo board.
When I was in a house, and had electric, the oil companies would always call. I finally got fed up with it, and told them to come fill the tank. that guy walked around the house scratching his head to find the filler line. after about 15-20 minutes, he packed up and left. I sat still in the house with my husky/Shepard/terrier mix barking his head off. I did it a few more times, no one ever called after their first trip to my house. problem solved.
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I got a call years ago that I actually answered. The guy said my windows licence had expired. I told him I didn't own a computer, he asked me twice if I had a computer, I kept saying no. He finally hung up. It doesn't bother me to lie to those kinds of people. I doubt he believed me.

Now I just pick up the phone and then hang it back up. It has cut down on those calls.
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I kept getting calls about my Dell computer, i told them I didn't have Dell Computer. They said I did. I said it was a piece of crap and I threw the damn thing away. They still call from time to time, but I just hang up. It is really somewhere in my sewing room, I haven't seen it in years. So it is as good as thrown away.
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Originally Posted by institches33 View Post
The latest scammer I received was from a Tech company saying this was a curtesy call to let me know my annual renewal was due. They would be charging $399 to my credit card. Should I wish to cancel please call this number.

This is the famous "refund" scam. When you say you don't want to renew, they offer you a refund. Then connect to your PC, have you log in to your bank account, and make it look like they accidentally sent you way too much money. Of course you have to send it back via gift cards or even taking cash out of your bank and mailing it to them. They usually transfer money between your bank accounts and edit the page to change the numbers.

This one is dangerous because people have been taken for thousands of dollars. Never let anyone connect to your PC and especially not your bank account!!!
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Like everyone else, we get at least 3 calls a day like this and I usually pretend that I can't hear them until they hang up, but these suggestions are priceless!!! Thank you all. You have made my day!! Wait until I get my next Microsoft call. Do you think that the "be my friend" line would work with the social security scammer that calls once a month?
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I get those calls too but now they are computerized recordings and I can't do my "thing". Darn. Once I got the call and I told the guy I didn't have a computer and he tried to sell me one. I sure hate those calls especially when I am busy in a distant room or outside and have to run to answer the phone. This morning I got a cal that told me the company I hired for computer security is out of business I just cracked up and hung up.
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The last one I received her english was so bad I honestly did not have a clue what she was trying to sell/scam me on. So I asked to speak with someone who spoke english and she hung up.
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