Are You Older Than Dirt?

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Man that brings back memories. Life sure was simple then. I think people were happier and had more time to be with family. Progress is great, but sometimes you wonder if we were better off back then.
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older than dirt
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Blackjack gum tastes like licorice--you can still find it. I loved Sen Sen--my granddad always had them.
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This is so wonderful. Had to print it out to take next week to my hand quilting group.
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I remembered 17.
I remember using a 7up bottle to "sprinkle" the clothes before ironing them.

Does anyone remember bags of damp clothes in the fridge?
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Originally Posted by svenskaflicka1 View Post
i remember waxed paper for sandwiches--baggies hadn't been invented (later in the 50s, there were waxed paper sandwich bags, if you were rich enough to get them.); penny candy cost a penny, gum ball machines that gave you a gum ball, and "charms", as well. "cracker jacks" actually had little prizes in them--not just flat paper books and cartoons. prizes came inside cereal boxes, too. the local "corner store" was run by a retired butcher, who was minus some fingers, but he was kind to us kids, and would sell us half a popsicle for three cents if we didn't have the nickel for the whole thing. we kids could be sent to any store to buy cigarettes for our folks. some stores required a note from mom or dad, but most didn't. we even had a popcorn stand on the street in the summertime--we could buy a small bag of popcorn for a nickel, a big one for a dime. eventually, they had a new fangled treat, too--sno cones. we kids experienced a new level of brain freeze, and we loved it. the traveling carnival came to town every summer, and we went "alone", with our friends, because we knew everybody's folks were looking out for us. there were always dire warning about the "carnies", but there were always adults who were watching any group of kids who were on their own.

rollerskates had to be clamped onto your leather soled shoes--and if your friend didn't have skated, you loaned them one, so you could both "one-foot skate" on the sidewalk. (i still have my skate key, and my mom's as well. she and dad met at a roller rink, and that key was symbolic of a marriage that lasted 62 years.) the red metal wagon was our main amusement in the summer--gravity propelled it down the hill by our house, with us in it. the ride was the reward, and then we got to hike back up the hill, and do it again. and if you lived close enough, in minneapolis, you could walk to minnehaha falls, and follow the creek all the way to the place where it joined the mississippi river.

so, yep. i'm not only older than dirt--i was probably there when it was invented...
Oh my!!!! Memories so close to home!! We lived blocks from the Mississippi River....and there was a popcorn stand just a half block from us. Run by a blind woman....spent lots of pennies there on popcorn, candy and my juleps!!
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Oh boy, bringing back all those memories.
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As Bob Hope would say " Thanks for the memories ".
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