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I am new from all broads after a 15 yr health and family crisis' hiatus. I am ready to learn to quilt. Unfornaturely, our one and only fabric store closed (Piece Goods), and I have to go 50 miles to find a good store with quality fabric. that's a problem as I can not leave my hubby alone and the trip would be too much.

I hope at 70 I am not too old and of course, I will be slow with my hubby's health requiring lots of attention. I have posted somewhere that I need to feed dogs for my touch and sew 780. Can anyone send me to the right place?
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Welcome from Ontario, Canada. Some QB members use online orders instead of local fabric stores because more brick and mortar stores are closing. I am sure some can give their best sites to order from. You are never to old to learn new things!
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Hello and Welcome!

I think any age is still "young enough" to learn new things.

Jinny Beyer does spectacular hand piecing. Yes, some of us still do hand piece.

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Welcome. I will respond about the feed dogs on the thread in the Vintage forum. I don't subscribe to any threads, but it can be done by clicking on the blue Subscribe button on any thread that you want to be notified when someone has responded to.

Janey - Neat people never make the exciting discoveries I do.
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Janey I am too old for all this computer stuff. If I can get back where I ask the question it has been a Bunker Hill Day filled with confustion, loss of memory, and just getting down rigth old. My hubby's mental condition of dementia has aged me greatly in the last 2 years. Thanks for the links, I cant wait to clean her up and get her going. That machine has always been the first thing I thought of when anyone said "sewing machine". It was the holy grail for me even thogugh I have 6 of the 221-1, 2 wonderful 99, a 15, a 66 and oh I have lost count I love all of them dearly and will out sew my Brenina in a New York minute.
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Welcome to the forums, we're glad to have you here and they can be a great outlet for people otherwise pretty tied to home.

I'm lucky enough to have a small local Tuesday group, our host is the primary care giver of her husband who is pretty advanced in his condition, we meet at her house because it is otherwise hard for her to get out. We've been meeting outside since lockdown, and nice thing about the internet is it is nice and toasty inside the house! It is getting chilly out and we make have to go on-line instead of inside due to Covid.
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Welcome from Michigan! 70 is not too old for much except playing leap frog perhaps. Over time, I have learned to use the computer and yes, indeed, I do order fabric from time to time online. The computer is a terrific tool and makes life easy. (It is also addictive.) This is a grand place to learn in a gentle way. Consider quilting and computers to be brain exercise as you create a work of warmth and art.
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Welcome to the will find helpful, friendly, knowledgeable folks here that can help with many questions. I hope you enjoy your new journey of quilting.
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Welcome, indeed!!

At 74 I am struggling to answer the smart phone. Just hang in there.
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Welcome from Michigan!
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