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Ok I'm doing this again as it was 1-goofed up by my wifi or 2-me. Actually I hope it was the wifi. I like to think I'm smarter that stupid junk. [sigh]
Here is who I am.
Certified Medical assistant -- worked over 40 years in the medical field which came in handy during my Momma's last 3 years here on earth.
A child of my parents -- Now read on it does have it's place.........My Daddy was a general contractor and a baker (for about 3 yrs), a cosmetologist -- but decided he didn't like it as well. An upholsterer -- did Wonderful work on everything.
He even designed patterns at the little factory that made women's corsets (that's where he found my Momma),
I have 1 Brother - a Marine, ret; 3 sisters and back to me.....My Momma did a Lot as well. She stayed at home. One person said Momma had an easy life...well, Momma had more foster children than I can ever remember. She also had an in-home nursing home. Quilted and sewed for her family, for the extended family and the public. She is the one that developed my love for doing -- most things -- cloth. It was my pleasure as a child (about 9) to help her sort the cloth and she sewed them together into pieces she could use to make into clothing for children in Haiti thru our church. One Sunday she was asked if she would make clothing for the children in an orphanage and of course she agreed. When that conversation was finished, another lady came up and asked Momma if she could use a few scraps of fabric and Momma said yes. This lady had told Momma it was just scraps and it usually was thrown out to the dump but she would be more than happy to have the guys bring it to Momma since she was going to be sewing for these children in Haiti. The time was set and I remember begging both Momma and Daddy to stay home so I could see what was brought and go through the scraps with Momma. They both said I had to go to school and take my 3 tests and when I got home Momma and I would go thru the scraps together. Wellllll I couldn't wait for the last bell to ring--I was ready. It ran and I was out the door across the field and down the steps. Crossed the street and ran the entire 3 blocks to get home. When I got there I stopped dead in my tracts. The truck was just being unloaded -- Two tractor trailers were sitting in front of our house being unloaded. That lady was also there explaining to Momma and Daddy that she and her husband owned a cloth mill and everything we were getting was the stuff they threw into the dump. Well we even got brand new rolls of bias tape. With the paper still wrapped around it. When I was cleaning out my house after the 2016 flood, I found the last roll of bias tape that we had traveled across country and half way back. Took it to Momma in the nursing home and it lit up her day as we started remembering about that day. Daddy taught us kids how to do houses from the ground up--except for electricity. That had to be done by a person certified in electricity and he taught me how to do the upholstery.
Now to Me.
I am a children's minister for over 52 years (I started when I was 14). Not stopping either.
I have been a foster parent -- Not for me. Couldn't stand this area of children's work.
I've sat in a wheelchair over 30 years and I am now in a power-chair. This is just the next step in my life and I'm (mostly) good with it. I go anywhere I want to go as long as I can get across the major streets. My chair can go over 5 miles round trip. I Love It. Only time I'm not going somewhere is if it is raining/snowing. Have to protect the electronics to the chair.
I collect fabric (you can understand why I love having lots of fabric) -- for children's clothing 3-6x, quilting, dolly clothes--I have found a dolly to make completely and after a couple of adjustments I will make my own dolly as well as her clothes. These will be given for Christmas to Toys 4 Tots. During the rest of the year I do give some to children That need Christmas before they pass. I now have a toy airplane that I will also be adding to the toy "factory" for the boys.
Seeds--Non-GMO only--I do food and flowers of all kinds. I grow them in my "spare time".
Read books about Christ, the Bible, Quilting, Toy-making, and Making children's clothing. I also do plastic canvas and use both plastic canvas patterns as well as cross stitch and huck towel patterns. Sometimes I'll pick up a book about something else but it is really rare if I do. I sew in order of preference: children's clothes, toys/dolls/clothes, pet beds for service animals that I assist individuals with (I have the original service animal school for the state of Louisiana), Quilts/wall hangings for people that are in nursing homes and some quilts for myself and my brother/sister and sometimes for children on special order. Then I do things like the bowl cozies and chair covers, and these go to whomever I decide at that given moment.
I have 2 sewing machines. 1st is my vintage Singer. It is my very favorite as I learned to sew on clothing for myself one of these machines. 2nd is my Brother. After the flood of 2016 I lost everything but my machine was up higher so I though it would be alright but unfortunately it had to go to the dump as it sparked the first time I plugged it in. It broke my heart but I had to make certain no-one would ever be harmed by that machine. Now I am back into sewing up those storms again and loving it.
I also do Huck Toweling aka Swedish Weaving. It is a craft that is done on what is aptly named Huck Towel. I prefer getting my by the bolt when I can find it that way altho this is getting harder and harder as for many years it began to die out of favor. I would almost always be able to get it at the old Woolworth's store and when they went out of business I switched to Hancock Fabrics and had to special order it by the bolt. Then they too have faded into memories and I am once again searching the USA for a source of my favorite craft cloth by the bolt--usually 10 yards/bolt. Huck towel embroidery is actually done on the Wrong side of the fabric as it is a weave that is done in loops and straight lines under the double threads of the fabric. I have completed 1000's of towels over my lifetime -- every since the one lady in Momma's nursing home showed me how simple it was to do. I started out with a row of 5 ducks and moved up to a single rose centered on the towel. Never is there any knots on true huck patterns except for an occasional French knot for an eye being placed. However I would rather do the eye as a single loop just as all the rest of the pattern is done. Any cross stitch pattern can be done as long as it fits the width of the towel. One just needs to count the number of stitches in the pattern on the longest wide row and then count the number of "floats" (double thread spaces) on the towel. As long as they match or are more on the towel it will fit. Grandma Heath showed that trick to me when she taught me how to do my very first duck towel. I was taught to "always use Pearl Cotton thread as nothing else looked proper"--Grandma Heath. When I find a new supplier, I will be ordering from them every month until I have that part of my stash back. It is a truly relaxing craft and if you are not careful you will be picking it up instead of your quilting. It is very addicting as it is a very simple craft.

BTW, for all who answered my posts about the 5-point Lone Star quilt--I think I've figured out the pattern and as soon as I get it put together, I will post it and the pattern secrets that have avoided me for so many years. Have to get the pieces drawn and blown up to the proper size for the stars to be formed. Then I will set the star together properly. If this pattern works it will bring back many wonderful memories to the "older" quilters as once they see it I know they will remember it. It was a very popular quilt in its day.

Well that is my life history story
Almost--I could actually add about 15 more pages but I think this covers the most important parts.

I hope everyone that reads this has a Wonderful Day.
Cynthia aka Motley
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Welcome back! A full rich life even with suffering.
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Thank you for the re-introduction. You've have a lot of life to share! Glad you are here again, I joined a couple of years ago and it is a regular part of my day, usually where I have my multiple coffee breaks each day.

I had a friend who did a lot of different hand crafts who did the huck towels. My own hand work skills are pretty low and due to my vision issues not likely to improve. I think I have about 5-10 years of eye sight enough for quilting and I'm starting to re-teach myself how to knit for life after a lifetime of quilting. Even before my vision issues started to progress I was always in awe of you handwork types, from hand quilting or applique to embroidery and cross stitch and things like tatting and lace making.

PS: I tend to make long posts and my log-in often times out since I don't have it set to stay permanently logged in. Before I hit post I copy everything. Then sometimes I make in time, and other times I have to relog in and then just paste my post.
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I am glad you jumped right back in! You have had an interesting fabric filled life. I see you owe a lot to your mom's teachings. I for one am glad you have come back in. I look forward to having your quilting experiences shared with the rest of us
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Welcome back from Michigan!
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Waving from Southern Indiana...welcome back!
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Welcome back from NE Ohio.
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Welcome back Motley.
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Welcome back from chilly New Jersey. You have a interesting life.
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Welcome back and thank you for all your good work!
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