<p><font face="ariel"> <b><font size="4">*BRAND NEW PRODUCT*</font></b></font></p>
<p><b><font face="ariel">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Quilt-EZ has developed a new
product, a computerized system called the &quot;BUTLER&quot;.&nbsp; Not just your everyday
computerized quilting setup, but the most versatile system ever.&nbsp; The
possibilities for the Butler are endless, because it attaches on the side of the
carriage, it is easy to install and may be used on any frame.&nbsp; Using the &quot;EZ-CAM&quot;,
take a picture of your quilt and impose the &quot;to be quilted&quot; design on top of
your exact quilt.&nbsp; See all the colors and shapes and exactly where the &quot;to
be quilted&quot; design will line up ALSO how it will look on your quilt...<font size="4">before
you even quilt it.</font>&nbsp;&nbsp; </font></b></p> If you have any questions please contact me (Joe) [email protected] or visit Quilt-EZ.com.
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