Has anyone ever tried the Material Girl patterns for dolls? They make up into lovely, natural shaped dolls. They come from normal baby sized up to a woman size 6 or so, she's about 5'4 I think. I have the Material Girl, which doesn't have such pronounced breasts but does have a womaly shape. Check them out, they are not expensive, but take a little bit more than beginner sewing. And they also have lovely patterns for several time periods, 1700s French Court dress to Victorian and others, haven't checked it lately. You could even make modern clothes for them. Each doll comes in different sizes. Also has male dolls.

Making Memories Doll Patterns
The Material Girl. 27" all fabric stuffed lady doll. MA35......$12.00 .... All felt costume pattern for "The Material Girl" (above) when made as a felt doll ...
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