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Thread: Mega Stash found on Indy Craigslist!

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    Super Member QuiltingVagabond's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    South Central Indiana

    Mega Stash found on Indy Craigslist!

    Now if 4 of us each pitched in $500, or 5 of us had $400, or 20 with $100 each...hmmmm


    Wish he would take some pictures!
    QuiltingVagabond aka Kathy

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    May 2011
    Pacific Northwest
    hmmm....no pictures, no mention of size of pieces or brands, how long the fabric has been in storage, no total yardage....so what is the seller using to estimate the value at $3,500?? DH & I recently went to a moving sale that claimed $30,000 worth of tools and the seller only wanted $10,000. What a pile of rusted junk with missing major parts and some with no electrical cords.

    However, there are deals on Craigslist. In 2007 I bought the remains of a quilt shop for $2,000....over 4,000 yards of fabric on bolts, some of which were still wrapped in the original plastic. To date I've used over 400 yards all of which has gone into charity quilts. Good thing winter is coming and I can get back to whittling down my stash.

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    May 2012
    I saw this too and wished there were pictures.

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    Northern California, Sonoma Co.
    I saw an ad on Craigslist near me, and it said "All new quilt fabric, vintage and designer prints, that must be sold immediately. Prices are half off or better. We have over 200 hundred yards of fabric worth around six hundred dollars, but must sell immediately. You can chose any combination of styles and colors for half of what you'd normally pay, including some rare patterns no longer available anywhere."

    Well, vintage, rare, and no longer available anywhere doesn't mean new to me. I talked to the woman and she said the fabric was lovely, lots of calicos and vintage florals...she was going to send pictures but never did.

    It sounded to me like the kind of stuff we receive as donations at Project Linus all the time -- some very nice, but nothing I'd spend money on...
    People who start projects and never finish them are cooler
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    Feb 2011
    central indiana
    I live in Indy and am always skeptical of XX$$ worth. I have seen far more people overvalueing fabric especially family that is impressed with quantity not quality. I will buy if less than 25% of original cost and maybe 50% if it is newer and just what i want and can pick it out but wont go over that.

    So I did not even bother calling.

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    Jun 2009
    Owensboro, KY
    Too vague! He needs to give more information and pictures.
    Karen in Kentucky

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    Jan 2011
    I would want more info too. Just seems like he is more interested in the money but mot seem to want to help you on what you are buying. Good luck in this day and age to get $2000. Take care.

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    Super Member auntpiggylpn's Avatar
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    I saw that ad also! Like others have said, there are no pictures. There isn't any information as to where the fabric came from and where it is being stored. I'm not sure they will get $2000 for it. I think they would have better luck having a sale and selling it for $3/yard!

    I went to a "Quilters Estate Sale" last weekend. I know the back story of this woman as I have purchased some of her fabric thru a 3rd party. She had multiple serious health issues that were compounded by her alcoholism, chain smoking and hoarding. The family had gone on the internet and found the prices for each item new. They copied off the internet picture with the price and then marked their selling price about 10% lower than brand new price. There were rulers that had actual cigarette burns on them and they still wanted $7-10 for them. They had ziplock sandwich sized bags about 3/4 of the way full. They priced them at $25 - $100 per bag. Magazines were $3/each. Books were $10/each. There was a bag of thimbles, probably 4 of them. They priced them at $30. A lady wanted to buy them but wanted to barter. She was told "I looked them up on the internet so I know what they are worth. If I don't sell them at the sale, I will sell them on the internet". There was a used copy of the EQ's Dear Jane Software. They wanted $20 for it which I thought was reasonable but I wasn't willing to pay that. I asked $10. I was told "No, not today." I said okay and put the box back down on the table and started to walk away. They then said they would take $10. I'm sure that is the only bartering they did that day!!! I wonder how much of her stuff they actually sold that day! They could have at least taken the top layer of filth off the items before they tried to sell them for outragous prices!!
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    Apr 2011
    Independence, MO
    It "might" be a good deal, but I don't know anyone who is willing to spend that kind of money without any indication of amount, size of cuts and pictures so you can see what you are getting. I think the guy is a dreamer.

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