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Default Bobbin thread

I am embroidering a clover, and half way through, the bobbin thread has been coming up. I donít know what to do. Itís a big clover, like 5Ē x 6Ē. Can I embroider over it? Thank you.
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check that the thread is going through the tension spring correctly, you may need to turn the screw in the bobbin casing to tighten a little, or loosen the top tension. It would depend on how much has been sewn whether you try stitching over the top. I imagine the design would end up rather stiff if you do the whole design. You could also use the same colour thread in the bottom as on top, and it may not be as noticeable.
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Embroidering over it is almost a new for me, never tried with bobbin thread.
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If your bobbin thread is coming through to the embroidery and looping, its usually poor bobbin thread or it's not wound properly in the bobbin spool..Other causes could be dust or cotton clippings in the bobbin case, regular cleaning of the bobbin case is essential also a smear of machine oil on the case so it rotates easily..I have a Janome machine and these are the usual idiosyncrasy that affects my machines
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Depending how bad it is and what you are going to use the item for, you could just try using a pigma pen or some other fabric pen to just color the bobbin threads that came up and just try some of the suggestions above for continuing on. I would clean out everything first, check that the bobbin is wound tightly, and then loosen the top thread just a bit if the cleaning doesn't work.
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Thank you for your answers. I have tried everything. I called Baby Lock and talked to them.
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Originally Posted by Dahearn View Post
Thank you for your answers. I have tried everything. I called Baby Lock and talked to them.
What did BL say about the design? Is a built-in design? Have you stitched this design before? It could be poorly digitized or the file is bad.

What bobbin thread are you using? I like to use pre-wound bobbins for most projects. If the bobbin is getting low, it may cause some issues. Add a new bobbin and see if it's better. Also change the needle to a 80/12 micro-tex needle.

PS: Make sure there isn't a piece of thread caught in the thread cutter area, bobbin area, or in the feed dog area.

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I have been using pre-wound bobbins for many years. This is great to avoid some of the bobbin tensions as the thread is wound uniformly. Checking the tension on both top and bottom can be a sure fix and adding a pre-wound could also help.
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