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Default Brother PED Basic

Putting my older embroidery machine to work, A borther PC6500. I installed PED Basic and everything is working perfect. There is a design on my card that I do not want to lose. Does anyone remember how to move a design from the card to the computer.? Its a design that I had created by someone and not sure where I saved the original.
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Did you write the design to the card from your computer? Yes, designs are erased from the card when you load new ones , but they are not erased from your computer. Is this your concern?
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It's a long time since I used PE but I did find a mention in this manual. Hope it link works

PE manual
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Do a search on your computer for the design.
The search feature should bring it up "if" it was ever saved to the computer.

Does the card reader connect to your computer? Select the file from the reader and then copy and paste over to the computer folder where you want the design to be stored.

You are doing the same steps but reversing the "from" and "to" when doing the copy/paste functions.
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Rhonda I tried but when right clicking on the design in the card writer, it doesn’t give you an option to copy. I too, have a few designs on my card that I can’t find on my computer but I don’t want to loose them by overwriting. I always have to remember to keep/save them when adding a new design on my card. If there is a way to save it back to the computer from the card I sure am interested how.
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I am not familiar with PED, but if you can copy from your computer to a card, I would think the reverse to be true. It appears that PED is for Windows only. If you open Windows Explorer (I do this by holding the Windows key on the keyboard and the E key) do you see PED-Basic, when the USB cable is plugged in? If so, I think you can right click on the file you want. Select Copy, then I would go to Desktop and paste it there. I would make a new folder somewhere on the Documents folder and then move it there.

There is an image on page 12 of the link Gay gave. It shows places the reader looks for files. I definitely would not save the copy in the PED-Basic folder.

Another suggestion would be do a search (can be done from Windows Explorer) for the file name (without the PED plugged in).
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