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Help!! Does anyone know how to fix this? Machine Emb. >

Help!! Does anyone know how to fix this? Machine Emb.

Help!! Does anyone know how to fix this? Machine Emb.

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Sometimes it is the design. Get some fabric paint pens with a fine tip. It could be the stretching of fabric but it will be too messy to try to fix it. Fabric pens are the best answer!
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I think he looks lovely even if he isn't perfect :) I'd use him!
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What kind of hoop are you using, for example, I had a Janome 350E and the hoop only connected at the top, so the hoop would slightly move from weight of fabric and just moving. I had this problem trying to embroider on a jacket. So I went to my 200 Janome, the hoop connects sideways and pulls the fabric, perfect every time, never is off, love this little machine. I also use a Bernina and the hoop is connected the same way, in the middle of the hoop with 2 connections.

I almost gave up embroidery because of the issue, if this is not the problem, make sure your stabilizer does not stretch at all. Take a piece of stabilizer and stretch it, if it does stretch, take another piece and turn it on a right angle so nothing stretches. Yes, you might have to use 2 pieces of stabilizer but it is worth it. I always buy a cut away, 2.5 oz or more when purchasing stabilizer. Made my embroidery perfection just like I want.
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I use oversize coffee filters for stabilizer. They work for me and are cheap.
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Originally Posted by TheSevenYearStitch
Originally Posted by candledish
I agree - looks like the material shifted during embroidery. I make sure I get the fabric taut in the hoop and have little clamps I use on the frame when I do embroidery that has a high stitch count. Helps prevent the shifting. Got them at Home Depot for about 49 cents each.. They look like small clothespins. You can also try iron-on stabilizer or 505 spray w/ the stabilizer you have now.
Yep. The fabric should be tight as a drum and you need stabilizer.
Do NOT pull the fabric taut while in the hoop. When embroidering on cotton fabric professionals suggest an iron on stabilizer to keep the fabric from stretching. Or, iron on light interfacing. Use the iron on stabilizer that is a tear away to keep it soft. Either one works beautifully. I know this because my friend does machine embroidery professionally. Please try it you won't be disappointed. Good Luck those monkeys are adorable.
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I've been doing machine embroidery since it became available for home use. I never hoop an item. I hoop the stabilizer, use 505 spray on the stabilizer, place my fabric on it and smooth it out. I place the hoop on the machine and do a basting stitch just around design area and then stitch my design. As long as the design is digitized correctly, it never fails. And I've done lots of embroidery!
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I would not change this one but when you make the next one put your stablizer on top and the bottom and it shoud be ok
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I did another one after I reironed the stabilizer and he came out perfect! Thanks for all the tips.
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Me too
Originally Posted by rootyr
I also fill in with a pigment pen!
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Try putting a double layer of stabiliser in order that it will support the density of the stitching that you're doing without distortion.
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