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New to me Viking Ruby delux for embroidery, HELP! >

New to me Viking Ruby delux for embroidery, HELP!

New to me Viking Ruby delux for embroidery, HELP!

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Default New to me Viking Ruby delux for embroidery, HELP!

I just purchased a used Viking Ruby Delux machine that has embroidery capabilities. That's why I bought this machine. It has been serviced and I watched it stitch out a lovely one color design. But, I'm really a newby to embroidery and want to get started.

Does anyone know how old the Viking Ruby delux machines are? I was told a few years old but am curious how old that might be.

I've been looking at different thread types for emboidery. I thought embroidery threads were thinner than regular sewing threads or LA threads. Regular threads are 50. LA threads are 40. But I looked at Madeira and Isacord threads that were labeled as 40. Is this right?

There are so many different brands of threads. Which do you all like? I'm totally confused about brand but I need to get some thread to start learning how to use the embroidery on this machine.

What extra things do you all think I should consider getting at this point? Again, I'm totally starting at zero here.

Thanks for your help in advance. I may be asking a lot of questions in the near future.
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to some extent, the thread you use depends on the project you are making. I use a 40 weight rayon on for those projects that probably will not be laundered very much. Rayon thread is not as strong as poly or cotton threads but has a beautiful texture to it. I have mainly RA (Robinson Anton) Rayon thread as that is what my Viking dealer carried when I first got my viking machine. I use poly if the item probably will be laundered or if I am doing a free standing lace design like a book mark. Poly is stronger and has more body. Again I have RA poly 40 weight. A lot of folks I know use Isocord poly 40 weight and that is a nice thread also. I also have used YLI soft touch 50 weight cotton thread for finer free standing lace like snowflakes. I have some Mettler metrosone thread that is also very nice and gives a softer more matte finish to embroideries. I tried some sulky threads but had more problems with breakage with them. I would pick a project and start out with some poly threads and see how you like them. Also look at what is available locally but don't make that your primary decision as I do not care for the thread available at some of my local shops. It is very nice to have a large number of colors at hand so you do not have to run to get the specific colors for each project. I would advise you that once you have decided on the brand and type of thread you like, that you purchase a thread card (has actual samples of each color thread) this is so helpful. I think the Ruby will have a thread conversion chart built in so you can use the brand of threads you have if the design calls for another brand of thread. I would check and see what thread manufactures the embroidery conversion program has built in. I have way more thread then I will ever hope to use so I have not explored the more recent threads that have come out but there are a lot of them. I would also check out what embroidery threads superior has as some of their threads can be used for machine embroidery as well as piecing and quilting so you could cut down on the number of threads you have.
Oh, the Ruby has been out for a while now...?maybe 10 years. If you have a local Viking dealer you could ask or go to the Viking website and look up under the "support" link. you may have to scroll down the list of machines and pick "other machines" if it is not listed. They will usually have an firmware updates there and you can see what the last one was. They usually don't update the machines after a few years so it will give you an idea.
Ok...back from the viking website....that latest update for Viking Ruby Deluxe is in 2016 and it is found in the bottom tap under "other machines" make sure you click on that one if you need a manual. The Viking Ruby 90 is not the machine you want to click on...why do so many manufactures give the same basic name to so many versions?

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You will need stabilizers, a good pair of curved little scissor snips, programs and a good machine embroidery book for referencing your projects for the best results. Check out your local library to see if they have a good one you think will be the best information before you buy one. That way you will know what you are getting. There are classes at our local quilt stores, maybe you could find one near you? Ours are now virtual, so no worries. I don't know how many bobbins came with your machine, but ordering extras might be prudent. And last but not least, a thread spool holder for those larger spools of thread that can save money on thread. My brother made me one and it makes all the difference.
One other tip, there are some people on utube that instruct on machine embroidery techniques. I am thinking some of the embroidery program sites also have tips and videos. Information and instruction is what you need to make it all go easy and be perfect when finished.
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I have used Floriani, Brother, and Exquisite XP thread in the embroidery machine. Sometimes a machine just likes a certain brand. They are 40 wt threads. Glide also works well. Pre-wound bobbins have more thread and thinner thread wound on them. They go along way. I always check the bobbin before thread color changes to make sure there is enough. I can change the bobbin in the middle of a stitch-out but don't like it.

If you want to do towels or lettering, you need a WSS (water-soluable-stabilizer). It can also be called topping. It is clear and washes away.

Check the "learning center" tab for information including a work book.

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Originally Posted by sewingpup View Post
twhy do so many manufactures give the same basic name to so many versions?
I have no idea but I find it very confusing. I have a Bernina 930 Record from the 70's or 80's. Now there's a Bernina 930 that's new. What's with that? They can't choose a new number?
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