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Suggestions for next time

Suggestions for next time

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Default Suggestions for next time

First off, let me say thank you for starting this section on QB. The original machine embroidery post was getting too long and hard to find an answer to anything. At least for me.

I've only been machine embroidering for 18 months and not a lot at that. Had to take my machine in for service, a Pfaff Creative 4.0, and just got it back this week, so I thought I would try some Christmas themed door hangars. This is done as free standing lace, and for the most part I like the results. But the close up photo shows how the water soluble stabilizer just kind of disappeared in the dense stitching. Should I have used 2 layers, or more?

How do you decide how many layers to use before you start?
Would it have been better to stitch this out on cloth and then cut it out like it was an applique?

All suggestions appreciated.[ATTACH=CONFIG]605245[/ATTACH]


Also, I've tried ironing it to keep the corners from curling. As you can see, it didn't last.
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Mr. Snowman is cute!

What stabilizer did you use for the project? Stitch count? Typically, if the design is over 8,000 stitches add another layer of stabilizer.

I just used Pellon 541 Wash n Gone for a project done ITH. This was a first time and I liked the product. The stitch count was 10,000+ and called for hooping 2 layers of stabilizer. It was easy to trim down around the design. Then a wet Q-tip cleaned off the edges of stabilizer.

Did the project directions have you add a backing under the stabilizer? Then you trim it down to the stitch line. I use a decor bond product which gives some stability to the item. It looks like the snowman should have an added layer of decor bond on the back.

Decor bond can be fused the backing fabric first. Make it larger than the tack down stitch. Add it to the back and use a few pieces of tape to hold the corners secure. There will be a tack down stitch to hold it in place. Then take it off the machine arm and trim down around the stitching. You will have the backing fabric with the decor bond attached to the back of stabilizer. Do not take the project out of the hoop---only off the embroidery arm.

Then you add the batting or top fabric and stitch out design.

Here is another how to with information.


I'm not sure that your project is considered FSL (free standing lace). It is more like a project ITH -in the hoop?

Helpful tips here for different projects.


PS: You may be able to add a layer of decor bond to the back. Cut it out a bit smaller than the satin stitches. Just trace around your snowman and cut out smaller. Carefully iron to the back or use glue. Best wishes!
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Old 12-13-2018, 08:38 AM
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Rhoda K,

Thanks for the response! I've already learned a lot!

First thing I did not quite right, the entire snowman was done with only one layer of water soluble stabilizer. Don't know the brand name as I don't have access to my sewing room right now. No directions as all I had was the downloaded design I had purchased. It was listed with other FSL projects and I assumed it was too.

Second, I'm sure the stitch count was over 8000 stitches and I'll remember to use that as a guide next time.

Next, I think I can add a backing of some sort to make it a little more stable and will start off that way next time.

Come to think about it, maybe the first thing I should have done was look at those videos from emblibrary! That site has been bookmarked! Thanks for reminding about them.

Happy Holidays
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You are Welcome! Happy to help. You may want to check the download and see if a separate file in Pdf format was included. There is usually something that shows the step-by step stitch out.

Sometimes it only shows as a stitch line around the whole design at about step # 2 or 3.

If the file format came in a zipped format, you have to do "extract all" on the zipped file. Hope that helps!
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I really like the water soluble stabilizer that looks like fabric but washes out easily. I do agree with Rhonda K that you pretty much need at least 2 layers of any of the water soluble ones.
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If you have software that can change it to an applique that would help too. It's a really cute design but wow, a lot of thread!
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