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I buy Berg Bag co. dish towels . There are nice and heavy and nice sized. I believe you can buy them on line. I find them around here in a farm store. Like Farm Fleet. I do embroidery on them to and looks nice .
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Thank you all very much. I am going to look into all of them because I really want to make some nice gifts.

If anyone is taking a vote, I too would like to see more information regarding our quilting, sewing subjects. I never play the games and it would be OK if they went away.

Thanks again!

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I think the irish linen is the best towel to have it lasts a lifetime and still looks like a nice tea towel after it is washed. I think if you are going to do all that work it should be something that doesn't look like a rag out of the washer, right? I bought some off of ebay that were really nice.
Also a little step down were the regular cotton towels with the stripes running down the side in the old fifties colors you could buy by the stack. I think there was colonial in the name of the product. ??? Sorry it was a while ago. I do remember that I unsewed the end and cut it on grain to straighten the towel and re-sewed it to keep it from drawing up crooked after washing. Just a suggestion, not required if you dont care.
The cheesecloth type towels are sad after washing and I would startch and press the ones mother made years ago. Just as a keepsake towel, I don't use them anymore. They hang out in the bottom of my linnen drawer in the kitchen for when I am feeling in the mood to admire them.
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