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How do you store your spools of machine embroidery thread? I'm talking about Madeira and similar size spools. I don't have room for a thread rack on a wall. I'm looking for some sort of storage unit.
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I have a plastic storage shelf that has pull out drawers. I put different types of threads in their own drawer. I think it was from Walmart.
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I have the Alex 6-drawer unit from IKEA. It's on casters so moves easily. It is only 26 inches high and 26 inches wide, 16 inches deep. In it I use their bamboo drawer organizers. When I bought them they were called Variera, but I don't think they make them under that name anymore. It was kind of funny, I was carrying the various drawer organizers over to the unit to see how they fit and I even brought some spools of thread to make sure they would fit. Another customer was looking at it for his art supplies and went to get some organizers when he saw how they fit. I saw the unit in another post many years ago and they put posts in to keep the thread organized. But I wanted my thread on it's side so I could see it better. The top 4 drawers has my thread and the last 2 are deeper so I use them for supplies. I do have a plastic thread holder/carrier from Joann's that I use for smaller spools and also for traveling. My friend and I get together a couple times a year to have our personal retreats.
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I have drawer systems that hold sliding wire baskets. I like this system as they come in different width and heights so it’s easy to customize for your space. I bought 5 single height drawers and one that is double height (serger thread)

The top drawers are just the right height for EMB spools. I had dry erase board cut to fit inside each drawer approx 20 x20 inches. Then hot glued golf tees in a grid to hold the threads. Each drawer holds 81 spools of EMB thread. I like this method as a drawer slides out and i can see the color needed.

I’ve used thread boxes for storage which works ok too.

Serger thread is in the bottom drawer stored in a similar method.
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I have 3 of the Ikea units that quiltingcandy described. They fit under the longarm table. Two hold spools of thread for the longarm and the other has other quilting supplies that I don't need to get to very often, like seldom-used templates and rulers.
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Most of mine are on the pegboards under a curtain to keep the dust and sun off them. I embroidered the brand and type of thread on the curtains made from twin sheets I bought to cover everything down here when construction was going on upstairs as it was falling thru the cracks onto all my sewing stuff. I ran out of room so the remainder of my threads are in a rolling cart with drawers.
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I keep all my thread in clear project boxes stacked on a shelf. i had to stop buying thread. I have enough to last me the rest of my life. My family would buy me thread packs for gifts. Hubby would buy a several at a time. Those came in their own plastic cases holding 12 or more spools.
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I have a couple of those little plastic rolling carts with little shelves holding covered drawers. I have my embroidery threads separated out into color groups so they are also a bit easier to find. I also bought the thread cards for my embroidery threads so I can look at the number and color of my thread and pick out the right spool or one very close to it as I do not have all the colors the company makes, only about a third of them. Who knew there were so many blues!
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I use those 12 inch (or so) square plastic containers from Michaels. We call them Iris boxes but I'm not sure what the right name is. They stack on a shelf. I have them organized by colour. A bit of shelf liner keeps them from sliding around inside the container. As suggested by others, take your thread spools with you to see if they fit before buying.
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I store mine in plastic boxes, some were from the fishing aisles for lures! and in cupboards so the sun never gets at them.
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