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Upgraded to Janome 400e, Patterns Not Lining Up -- Help!

Upgraded to Janome 400e, Patterns Not Lining Up -- Help!

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Default Upgraded to Janome 400e, Patterns Not Lining Up -- Help!


I just upgraded from an old Janome MemoryCraft 300e to a new 400e. While the new features are incredible, I'm having a very frustrating issue where the new machine doesn't seem to be reading my .JEF files the same way my old one did. It's leaving unfilled areas, lines, and gaps everywhere, and in one instance traced out the area for a satin stitch, made like it was filling, but then just left the space empty.

I can't figure out what's causing it. These are all .JEF files I used with the old machine dozens of times without issue, hooped the same way I always have. As far as I can tell there's no issues with the hoop calibration, the bobbin, thread tension, or anything. The images of the embroidery show up on the screen the same as they do in Hatch, they just don't get stitched the way they show up.

I'm kind of panicking, this machine was a huge investment and now I can't get anything done. I can't go back to my old one because it's out of service, and the whole reason I sprung for the new one was that no sewing shops around me had repair time with all the COVID orders they were dealing with.

If anyone has any advice I could really use it.
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Default Janome 400e

a new JEF file and try it to see if your machine is the issue or your old saved JEF files are the problem.
If your machine does this with a new file...it is your machine. If that is the case, call the dealer and ask to talk to the tech.
You paid them a lot of money, they should move you up the list or the tech maybe able to tell you the problem and a fix over the phone.
Once you determine it is the machine, tell them you want a replacment.....that should get them moving to help you. Keep us posted. Best wishes for a quick fix.

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Yes, try a new design.

Try a new usb. Make sure your machine can "read" the size of the usb. Put the design on the usb and not in a folder of designs on the usb. Some machines don't "read" folders.

You may need to "reformat" the usb. This erases the usb so you can start over.

What is the stitch count of the design? What is the limit on the machine stitch count?

Does your machine show the steps of the design? If the design originally has 15 steps, check the design on the screen. There should be 15 steps showing on the screen.

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Hi -- thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll try reformatting and re-downloading. Unfortunately some of them are custom designs, but I can re-export those from Hatch.

Here's some pictures of what's happening. The way the old machine did the designs is what's on the white BG:

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I agree that you should d/l the .jef file again and see if that works first. If not, because it is a new machine I would call the dealer you purchased it from or Janome Tech support. It should take the old .jef files.
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Hi, just an update: I can't believe it took someone to point this out, but the easiest way to test if the problem was internal or external would be to use the machine's own designs. Sure enough, unfilled outlines and trouble with satin stitches on a very simple internal design.

I've contacted the seller (I bought it online from Ken's Sewing), since I'm pretty sure it's a machine issue, not a user issue.

Thanks so much for your responses.
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