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Allergies & Washing Linty Jelly Rolls

Old 07-14-2010, 01:51 PM
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Thanks for the feedback all of you. I though about it for awhile, and I was really tempted to wash the strips just to see if it could be done. However, I think I am going to send them back. The reason I am so sensitive to everything now, is because I was exposed to mold and/or chemicals from jeans I ordered online. I tried washing them and washing them, smelling and washing to get the mildew/mold smell out, and I've been sick ever since. That was almost three years ago. I was really sick from them and I don't want expose myself to whatever it is that caused the reaction. Who knows what sensitivities I'll get from that.

Maybe I will try washing with another, not so toxic, jelly roll ;)

I did contact the store pre-sale to ask about cats/dust/mold, as I usually do. They said they had none of those, that the rolls were kept in 77 degree building. When I contacted them to return, they were nice enough about it, said they kept them in plastic bags since ordering from the manufacturer so they couldn't be "dusty", it was probably the lint from the edges. But I've had that before, so something is different.

Originally Posted by kay carlson
I use the June Taylor cutting board to cut my strips and other shapes with 90 degree angles. My cuts are accurate and I don't have lint/dust problems.

Another brainstorm deals with having patterns cut by laser. I had a kit from John Flynn which was precut and didn't ravel. His daughter will give cost estimates for cutting your fabric for your choice of pattern. Just a another brainstorm :-)
I've been looking for that cutting board! Haven't found it anywhere where I can use a coupon yet. I think it would really help me. I never knew about laser cutting, I might have to look that up and get an estimate, however, my husband is willing to do it for free :) He's so nice! I would definitely consider that, thanks!

Originally Posted by ckcowl
i received perfumed fabric one time...sent my hubby to the hospital in respitory distress from the reaction when i opened the package.
I have received yarn from ebay like that, sprayed with fabrese or something, and it took 8 months for that to air out to a level I could use it (and that was before the jeans exposure). It is so silly to perfume fabrics and yarn, etc. Especially when one is planning on selling it from a store/shop. We have a public television station that has a quilting show, and there's a quilting store that has a commercial on it as a sponsor. I cringe everytime I see it because they have a cat sprawled all over their fabrics. NOT cute. I mean tell me how dumb that is?! I get irritated with things like that.

Originally Posted by wishiwerequilting
If you want strips cut, you can purchase an accu-quilt go with a 2 1/2" die and cut your own.
I will probably look seriously into one of these if I am able to quilt very much. I am concerned though, because they are quite expensive and I am so frugal, is there waste to cutting with the dies? It looks like you have to cut the fabrics to the size of the...board? Die? How much effort is used to do the cutting motion? I hurt just from wiping dishes, so I need almost no effort on a lever or crank. I am not familiar with them, I'l have to look up a demo on youtube. Thanks for the suggestion!

Originally Posted by betlinsmom
I always have SOME reaction because my allergies are severe and I have asthma and COPD. My dr suggested I wear a mask but this fogs my glasses and I still itch from the contact with lint and dye? I take allergy meds and meds for asthma and copd...I just do it anyway... I hope yours gets better or you find a way around it....I taught my neice to quilt and she used a fabric softener to smooth her thread thru to hand quilt and I instantly choked and vomitted before she could get it out the deck door. So she and my husband sometimes deal with things Icant like this and spray basting and cleaning filters etc
I'm so sorry your allergies and copd are so bad. I am also sensitive to smells and I can't use bounce fabric softener, I have to use the downy free and sensitive liquid, and also cheer free detergent. I break out in a rash or the smell gets to me with anything else I've tried. My husband helps me out a lot with "stinky and dusty stuff" and other things that will affect me as well, he's a godsend. I've been like that with detergents/perfumes since forever, even when I was a kid my Mom says I'd break out with things and she'd have to change the detergent AGAIN, lol. She's the same way with perfumes. I had a ton of ear infections as a kid and I think my sinuses were just plugged up all the time and no one knew it.

Thanks for all the tips and replies, and helping me make the decision. I will order the same design rolls from someplace else and see if that helps. If it doesn't then I will probably try washing them. I love jelly rolls, they are a lot cheaper than buying yardage for strips. But we'll have to see how it goes. If I end up washing a roll, I'll post my results and recommend it or not ;)

Thanks so much, you guys are fantastic!!!
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Sometimes there are smells associated with fabric that are straight from the manufacturer. The fabrics have to dry completely before they are rolled. if they are slightly damp they get a musty smell that is very hard to get out. Also they sit in containers on ships, sometimes for a long time, before they get to the warehouses in the states. All that can expose the fabrics to temperatures and conditions that have nothing to do with the retail place you purchase from.
I'm sorry you have such sensitivities. It can make things very difficult. there is always the option of asking someone else to cut yardage for you...if not your husband, then a friend, LQS or Online QS that offers that service. That may be your best option if using a cutter is not comfortable for you.
Good luck!
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There wasn't a smell that I noticed on the jelly rolls, but there certainly were on the jeans that started this whole mess for me. They were made in china, so I am sure they were on a ship and got nasty before they got to the store. The bad thing is, they were on deep discount so the store knew they smelled and discounted them to get rid of them. I was exposed as soon as I opened the box. It was my own ignorance that made me try washing it out.

So, I have to be very careful with things now. Even library books set me off. I can't wear line dried clothes, and towels left too long in the dryer make me sick. It's crazy. :( Now, I would not ever keep anything that smells musty. Thanks for the reply Lisa. I have written your store and asked about the storage conditions too. I think Ingrid was who wrote me back. I plan to buy some things soon. :)
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