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Creative Grids 4.5" squaring ruler

Creative Grids 4.5" squaring ruler

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Default Creative Grids 4.5" squaring ruler

I was going to purchase the Creative Grids 4.5" squaring ruler, it looks like a great tool that will help me in squaring up the 72 4.5" squares for my current project. But first I took a look at all my rulers to make sure I don't already have this one. I don't have it, but did find that I have the 4.5" log cabin trim tool. Aha, I said, this should work. But it doesn't!! Problem is, even with the grippy material around the edge and the grippy circles on the bottom it still slips and slides all over the place. If I hold it down very very firmly it sill stay pretty much in place but as soon as let up just a tad on the pressure it moves. I even tried weighing it down with the weights I use but that isn't enough.

I find if I'm trimming a single piece of fabric it works fine. It's when I'm cutting a finished block, the extra height of the seam allowance is enough to raise it so that the grippers no longer hold it tight.

I'm thinking that other than the markings, the log cabin trim tool is exactly the same as the squaring ruler so it probably wouldn't be worth it to buy the squaring ruler. But I could be wrong, maybe they are different and the squaring rules grips better, if so, that would make my day . If anyone is familiar with both these rulers can you share your experiences with them? Are they both the same? Do they slip for you? Is there another company with something similar that holds better?

To square up I usually use a larger square but really like the idea of using a ruler the exact size of my squares because no matter how careful am when I lift it and put it back down in a different position I end up with wonky cuts.

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Old 10-05-2022, 05:02 PM
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I like to use a ruler about 2 inches bigger than the block. I want to see all the fabric under the ruler lines. I usually stand to trim the blocks for more control of the ruler and rotary cutter.

For HST blocks I want the diagonal line going through the center of the ruler.
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Old 10-05-2022, 05:13 PM
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I donít have access to my rulers right now but I suspect the gripper dots on the back of the two rulers are in different places. That might have an effect on your current trimming. Unfortunately I canít give you specific info on the rulers. You could try covering the ruler (back or front - wonít matter since youíre squaring to 4.5Ē) with Invisigrip. I have used it on my non-Creative Grids rulers and templates with excellent results.

Since you asked about other brands I will say that Quilters Select rulers have the grippy coating on the entire back of their rulers.
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As far as I am concerned, the grippers on all the brands of rulers I have are not reliable. A few years ago, I got tired of my rulers slipping so I bought a roll of clear adhesive stair tread anti-slip tape. I cut it into pieces 1/4" x various lengths and attached short segments along the edges and down the center of the back of all my rulers and templates. It is very gritty and holds well, even over seam lines. Now with even light pressure I have stable rulers when I cut.
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I have purchased a spray name Grippy that I lightly the back side of all my rulers. They do not slip. I even use it on the back of my rulers I use to quilt with along with my free motion quilting. Works great. I think I ordered my can from Quilt In A Day but have seen it in quilt shops also.
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I agree, the grippy must be in a different location on the log cabin Creative Grids ruler than the 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 square.

Another thought, when I have loads of HST to trim down and square up I prefer the Bloc Loc ruler. I am not the type that needs every size ruler made - I have the 6 1/2 x 6 1/2" Bloc Loc HST ruler and use it for all HST's up to that size. Love how it secures the block for precise trimming.
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I do as Rhonda K does - mostly. I use a larger than necessary ruler (cuz I can't be bothered with a bunch of specialty rulers unless really necessary). And for squaring HST's, always put the diagonal line down the center seam of the block. I also have a 12" rotating mat that helps with all the turning when trimming blocks.

I purchased several packages of rubber dots and put them on the corners of all of my rulers. Yes, they raise the ruler off the fabric a bit but they also don't slip around.
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Originally Posted by Rhonda K View Post
I like to use a ruler about 2 inches bigger than the block. I want to see all the fabric under the ruler lines. I usually stand to trim the blocks for more control of the ruler and rotary cutter.

For HST blocks I want the diagonal line going through the center of the ruler.
My method too. I have a Creative Grids 6.5 ruler that is my "go to" for so much of my quilting that I need to replace it after 20 some years. (Nicked corners) I like that it is a bit larger than my squares and dependable. As said above, standing rather than sitting makes a difference in accuracy along with a sharp blade and not trying to cut too many layers at a time (more than 4 in my case).

I have not used other brands because I am happy with CG. Everyone has their favorite. Perhaps adding additional grippy spots?
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I have the Creative Grids in every size from 2.5" to 12.5" square. Some are quite old and well used; I recently noticed that a corner of one is starting to wear away a bit.

Creative Grids does make a tape that you can apply to any brand/size ruler. It's not inexpensive, but works great. I know some also like to use Nexcare Flexible Adhesive Tape (sold in first aid department w/ bandages). Have not tried it personally.
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Someone on this board recommended this 3M shower tread about 5 years ago. I purchased it and have used it on my rulers, and also to make a seam guide on the bed of my sewing machines when I don't have a reliable 1/4" foot. Recently I had a bunch of 4.5" finished HST's to trim, and I was congratulating myself that I had just the right size BlocLoc ruler for the job. Then I looked more carefully, and what I was using was just a smooth ruler to which I had previously applied the 3M tape! I've used so much of it, I've even bought a second roll. And none of it has gone in a shower. If 3M knew about this, they would be marketing it to quilters, at twice the price.
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