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Thread: Disaster strikes my Elna in the form of the seamstress.

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    Super Member Caswews's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Quilting, crocheting, sewing and crafting in my Sewing Room...Peaceful and wonderful !!
    Good thing it was a needle !! woohooo easy fix !
    When Life brings big winds of change that almost blows you over.Hang on tight and Believe.
    Words and hearts should be handled with care-for words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest things to repair. Author unknown to me
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    Super Member Amythyst02's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Phoenix, AZ.
    So glad it was such an easy fix, and your back to sewing with your machine. Careful now with those spatula's ... I would keep them far away !!

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    Jul 2010
    Oh, good for you Q65! I, too had my old faithful machine freeze up on me. I finished a quilt in early April and was working on the border on another and when I turned her on this weekend, she just whirred her engine and the gears did not work. She is 54 years old and has never been in hospital! I surely hope she can be fixed as she is my go-to machine for everything. It is a Singer 401A--the last all steel one and it will sew through iron, I think. Hope the local shop can fix her.

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    Power Poster feline fanatic's Avatar
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    May 2009
    I came very close to what you did, I forgot to change feet and tried to do a zigzag stitch with my 1/4 foot still on.

    Threw her out of timing I did. I was fortunate in that I did it when my Bernina was brand new and still under warrantee so the repair was no charge. Phew. It sounds like you also got off very cheaply. So happy to see it was such a simple fix as the needle not being in all the way.

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    Super Member nstitches4u's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Independence, MO
    Glad it was an easy fix! Happy stitching!
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    Jan 2011
    Granbury Tx
    Quote Originally Posted by Quilter 65 View Post
    I have a 43-year old Elna which is wonderful and sews so beautifully until last night. I was hurrying to finish a 4th of July table topper to gift a couple today, when my focus wandered and I got my spatula that I was using to hold the ditches in line for quilting under the needle and the needle struck the spatula. Well, it won't sew anything now. I don't know if I bent a shaft or threw it out of time. I am just sick as I have a quilt top nearly finished, several waiting and now my machine is on the fritz thanks to my carelessness. It literally has never been in the shop for repairs. Just an occasional cleaning and I have worn out three feet.
    Plus this machine has been so faithful and I have injured her! Just makes me sick and I am wondering how stiff the repair bill will be!! Or if it can be repaired???? In the meantime, I have withdrawal because I can't sew. Have a manual in the basement that I have never used but may try to fire it up and see what happens. Did anyone else ever do such a careless trick?
    Wish you were close to me I would loan you one. I can't stand the thought of not being able to sew. So sorry about your baby, maybe it won't take to many $ to fix her.

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    Sep 2011
    Glad it was an easy fix. I had a part break on my Elna 9000 and they couldn't get a replacement so I had to change machines. It had been a faithful machine

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    Super Member jcrow's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Small town in Northeast Oregon close to Washington and Idaho
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    Just wanted to say that I want an older Elna very badly. There is a second hand store in town that sells old machines that have been restored and she has an Elna I want. She wouldn't tell me the price last time I was in there, so I couldn't decide if I could afford it or not, but maybe if I return again, she might have figured out what price to sell it for. Hope you get yours fixed. Wish I had one!!!
    "Be yourself...everyone else is taken."
    Strong people don't put others down...they build them up."
    "Remember that your instincts are more important than rules"

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    Super Member jeanharville's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Saratoga, Arkansas
    So glad to hear your good news. I felt terrible for you and your trusty sidekick.

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    Member Eyelets's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    I hear you on the "vintage????" I too have become vintage with my old trusty Pfaff.....we refuse to be aware of that....

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