I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out how to set up my Dear Jane design and am brand new to EQ. I can print the block pretty easily but can't seem to get the grid going.

Do you have any suggestions for the freakishly visual? I have the handbook and can find the answer to a problem if it's not too complicated but I'm accustomed to installing the software and just playing for a few minutes. I'm good to go that way in most cases and to be honest, I've never actually used the handbooks included until now. It's a frustrating process. Did you take right to it, or did you also struggle with certain aspects?

Also, I read on a DJ support group that the book stated 5 yards of background fabric and now years later she's coming up VERY short. I haven't purchased the book yet but need to get my background fab or I'll never get started!!! A member mentioned she saw 20 yards suggested on another site.....maybe for front background and backing? Does it say in the software or do you have to complete the grid first? Sorry so many questions & thanks for being patient.