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Do you ever get rid of old fabric that is poor quality? >

Do you ever get rid of old fabric that is poor quality?

Do you ever get rid of old fabric that is poor quality?

Old 10-24-2020, 03:59 PM
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Default Do you ever get rid of old fabric that is poor quality?

When I started quilting 9 years ago I bought primarily from Fabricland (quality is halfway between Joannes and quilt stores) and would cross the border and occasionally get fabric from Joannes, rarely bought from quilting stores. I kept to my budget!

Over the years my income has increased and I have stopped buying from Joannes, become more picky at Fabricland and have turned more to quilt stores for nicer fabrics. I finally sorted through all of my fabric and organized it by colour and about 15% is terrible fabric...and I really want to toss it but I feel so guilty. Mostly because I think of the money wasted.

Part of me wants to just place a little here and there in quilts but part of me worries more about the fabric breaking down. I make bed and couch quilts so it will get worn down anyway.

I assume many of us started buying poor quality, would you toss it? I wouldn't have any other use for it.
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Old 10-24-2020, 04:04 PM
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I usually find some use for it. My 8 year old granddaughter is learning to sew on my machine. She uses the old fabric to make a quilt for her dog and she wants to make on for the new cat. There are uses for it for new quilters and sewers.
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Old 10-24-2020, 05:28 PM
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No, I don't toss it. i use it to test patterns, backing for string piecing, new covers for ironing boards and pressing cloths. If I really thought it wouldn't hold up, there's always a need for rags that you toss because they're too messy to wash.
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I would not toss it.....usually you can find a use for it or give it away to someone who can. I would not mix it in with the good fabric because you don't want to end up with a quilt where a few pieces disintegrate....one of my first quilts was made mainly of good fabric but I needed a purple that I only could find in poor quality fabric....went ahead and used it anyway....a few years later most of the quilt was still good except for that cheap fabric....it had faded to a grey and was very thin and started to just crumble....the rest of the quilt was still very useable on my queen bed.....Our church group uses all sorts of fabric....and while a lot of it is not the best quality....the quilts' are given to folks who otherwise would not have a quilt....While in a perfect world....we would only use the best fabric for donation quilts.....but the realty is that we would not be able to make as many. I sometimes make quilt covers for my car or my couch as I let my dog up on that....when it gets old...no loss...just toss it and make another one. Teachers may also want it for class projects....or youth groups....you could make it into gift bags...
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I, too, have purchased lesser quality fabric that is still in my stash. I wouldnít throw yours out. I plan to use mine to practice FMQ and ruler quilting as much of it consists of fat quarters. Iíll probably end up making a lot of placemats, dog/cat quilts and possibly some bags. I have mixed quilt shop fabric and Joannís fabric in a couple quilts when I was limited in budget. Both quilts are still in use and holding up fine so far. Even if the cheaper fabrics break down, Iíll be happy to make new quilts for the recipients.
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I did toss out a bunch not too long ago, but those were, unfortunately, used for mouse nests, I had no choice.

I never get rid of fabric, simply because while they may not be good for quilts, they might be good for something else. There's always pot holders, mug rugs, coasters, anything small that can stitch up quick and I'm not worried about how long they last because they're mine. It does give me the opportunity to see if a fabric would hold out longer than anticipated, pot holders and the like are used daily around my place.
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Don’t keep it if the only reason is guilt. Sounds like you want to get rid of it.
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You purchased the fabric and it gave you pleasure.

It no longer brings you pleasure.

Pass it on.

Without guilt
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Wash and dry the cheaper fabric and see how you feel about it after that. Sometimes washing it tightens up the weave. I too have purchased inexpensive fabric, I've made placemats, table runners, tote bags/grocery bags, pillow cases, aprons and hot pads, and small zipper bags for cosmetics, simple tissue holders for those pocket size tissue packs. I gave some of the items as gifts, the rest I donated to an animal rescue center to sell at their annual fund raisers. I have made little tiny quilts for the cat cages in shelters and have small quilts to keep in our cars. At first I didn't think I'd enjoy making items with fabric that I no longer liked. But knowing it was for charity did bring joy to my life and it wasn't just tossed out.
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Use it for home decor like fabric garlands or other items you do not wash. Also they can make great gift bags etc. I would donate before throwing away. I also would not mix it in. The times I have I ended up taking it out again.
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